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BlueStacks 2

BlueStacks is an Android app player that creates a virtual Android environment on your PC. It comes with an intuitive and comfortable menu to download and install tons of Android apps for free.

When running the program for the first time, you will be asked to integrate your Android phone with BlueStacks. This way you can sync all your apps and use them on the PC. In case you don’t own an Android handset don’t worry. You can still download and install apps on PC using BlueStacks 2.

You can download apps in several different ways. You can either access a native app store or Google Play Store using a browser. You can download the APK file if the desired app is not available in these apps stores.

BlueStacks 2 refers to the single biggest update ever made to the Android Emulator. This new version has a whole new lot of fantastic features, some of which are as follows:

  • Multi-Tasking Capability

BlueStacks 2 lets you open and use multiple apps at the same time. Switching between apps is smooth as butter. You may use Messenger while playing Clash of Clans. Play Subway Surfer while Temple Run gets downloaded. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to ease of use!

Multi-Tasking Capability

  • Simplified And Intuitive Layout

For the past ten years, you have seen the same layout. But that has changed with BlueStacks 2. Users can now perform different functions like volume or screen adjustments efficiently thanks to a brand-new layout. Trying out different features inside the new Toolbar on the left is fun.

BlueStacks 2 layout

  • WorldWide Welcome

100 million users have consumed 1 billion apps via BlueStacks in past ten years. To celebrate the achievement, BlueStacks has launched a new section called Worldwide Welcome. This section features the ever-best apps that users have been enjoying across the globe.

Key Features Of BlueStacks 2

  • Multi-Tasking – The experience has become more like a browser. You can open and use multiple apps in different windows at the same time. Without closing the current tab, you can access the other one at the same time.
  • Online Streaming While Playing – You can watch or stream with BlueStacks TV while playing games on this newest installment.
  • Worldwide Welcome Tab – The welcome tab showcases most popular Android games & apps from all over the globe.
  • Android Tab – This section features the Android apps or games best suited for PC or Mac.
  • Left Side Toolbar – BlueStacks 2 comes with a shiny new toolbar accessible on the left side. Now you can change the settings without closing the app window.
  • Screen Adjustment – Adjusting screen size has become easier than ever. Dragging the corners of a window is all you have to do for resizing the screen.
  • Enhanced Storage – BlueStacks 2 has made a big leap in terms of storage. Now users can enjoy storage of 32 GB ( 16 GB internal and 16 GB SD Card).

System Requirements

  • Intel Pentium dual core or faster
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 4GB of Storage

system requirements

BlueStacks 2 Details
Author BlueStacks
Version BlueStacks
User Ratings 5
File Size 318.95 MB
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