Download Xpadder Apk For Android & Windows For Free

Xpadder is a Windows-based application that allows you to use your gamepad in the place of keyboard and mouse. It can simulate keyboard functions and mouse clicks on your gamepad which you can use to play games.

Xpadder is a comprehensive piece of software to play games without a joystick. It enables you to control your DOS through the joystick and play emulated android games on your computer. In addition, it is used to play web games, music and videos, control windows applications.

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Create a button map:

Once installed, you have to assign a button map to your Xpadder. On the main Xpadder window click on the game button present in the right corner and select “New” from the drop-down menu. When the new window appears on the screen design a layout you want for your gamepad. Though the customization is not necessary, it will help you sort things and make it easier to use.

How to Download?

Go to the website of Xpadder or use the given link to download the image file. Once downloaded, open the directory where you’ve downloaded it. Start installing and open the image file where it is installed. Go through the “How to” guide and start using.

How to set-up controller?

Organizing buttons individually are quite easy. There four main tabs: Sticks, Buttons, DPad, and Triggers.

Configure Dpad and Sticks:

Check the box in the front of  “Enabled” and follow the instructions and move the stick in the prompted directions. Do not forget to enable analog sticks before leaving the tab.

Configuring Dpad is similar to sticks. Just click on “Enabled” and follow the screen instructions and click the button it asks you to click. Don’t afraid to modify settings because it can be undone if something goes wrong. If you don’t want to change anything just follow the instruction after enabling Dpad.

Buttons and triggers:

There is no hard and fast rule associated with the button configuration part. Press each and every button once and add them to the layout you’ve decided for your gamepad. Simply drag sticks in the direction of a button every time you press a button.  

Triggers are the most sensitive part of the Xpadder menu. It’s can be really tough to configure triggers as it’s not straightforward as buttons. Register triggers and configures bumpers. It’s not a one-click game anymore.

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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP/vista/7/8/8.1
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 37.2 MB
  • CPU: 233 MHz Pentium or higher
  • Developer: Xpadder

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8 ball apk download

Miniclip 8 Ball Pool APK Download For PC For Free

8 Ball pool is an online Android pool game, that allows you to compete for a big online community. The game is very similar to the real-time pool game. You have use finger to handle cue to hit balls.

The game community is full of legends and pro players. No matter how fine player you are, playing snooker with game control is quite complex initially. To beat your component to have to push more balls into a pocket than your opponent. You can pick either striped or solid ball.

The more matches you win, the more points you earn. One can use the points to upgrade the cue. The basic cue is made up of virtual wood and you upgrade it, you can modify its material and style.

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Compete for 1-on-1 or with 8 players at a time:

The game supports both single and multiplayer mode. You can polish your skills with practice. Choose any tournament you want and win exclusive cues as rewards.

Play with your friends:

You can signup using your Facebook account and invite your friends. Also, you can sign up as a new user and challenge random strangers via the internet. You can directly send challenges and invites directly from the game.

Increase your game level

Every time you win a challenge, a new challenge comes to you. The game is full of never-ending challenges. Winning challenges are necessary to improve your game rank and avail exclusive match locations.

8 ball game apk

Tips and tricks to play 8 Ball pool game:

Make smart choices:

Do not choose your table carelessly. There are many options to choose from, so pick the best one. In the beginning, go with the Downtown club until you good mastery with the cue. Once you are ready to use to accept complex challenges, move to Sydney. The fee of big pubs is comparatively high, so earn sufficient points to enter.

Open the app daily:

Even if you are not playing the game, open app on regular basis. Every day you get a chance to spin the lever and those spins can help you win cash, points, and surprising prizes to upgrade your game.

Upgrade your cues:

As soon as you earn some points, upgrade the cue. With a better cue, there are more chances to win a match. The player will get the option to win upgrades on every level. The first few upgrades are not so effective but as the level increases, you will get an amazing range of cues.

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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Android
  • Required Version: 4.0.2 or higher
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 50.16 MB
  • Developer: Miniclip

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Xposed Installer APK

Download Xposed Installer APK App To Modify Your Smartphone

Xposed Installer is an android tweaking app that is used to make modify your Smartphone and create your own customized version. The Xposed Framework is an ideal way to improve the functionality of your device apps.

The Android devices allow you to make very little adjustments, but with the Xposed framework, one can completely redesign the device layout. There are thousands of tweaking options available in Xposed Installer.

The Xposed installer makes its very simple to modify, tweak and customize your Android OS with one click. You can change the look and feel of your phone the way you want.  Likewise, it optimizes and boosts the system functionality and making some important tweaks.  

Using Xposed Installer is a better option that flashing a custom ROM. Why? Read it below:

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Very straightforward approach:

In order to flash a custom ROM, you have to install the completely new OS on your device, which is quite bothersome and there are more chances to lose your device data. On the contrast, the Xposed installer is simple as installing a new app on your device. There are a plenty of options to tweak and all you need is to click on the desired one. In addition, you can make more than changes at the same time. Above all, there is no need to get into the custom ROM of your device.

Use the same stock:

You don’t need to change your stock ROM, in order to make any change. If you are comfortable with your stock ROM, you can continue with the same without complicating the things. Just add some more to the existing one.

Download Xposed Installer APK App

It’s a Framework, not an OS:

Xposed Installer is just a framework. It has a large number of modules, which are similar to the apps of your android device. The main focus of this .apk is to improve the functionality of your phone and make it more handy to use.

How To Install Xposed Installer APK?

  1. Before making any change on your device, make sure you backup your device. This is a necessary step, avoiding which, can create future inconvenience. Furthermore, if you are not comfortable with the changes you can simply use the backup.
  2. Get the Xposed Installer APK from below.
  3. To download the APK file, you have to allow unknown sources in the security settings of your device. You can install the .apk via side loading.
  4. Install the app and then install “Framework”
  5. Reboot your phone and it’s done.

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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Android
  • Required version: 4.0.3, 4.0.4 or above
  • Developer: rovo89

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Picsart APK

Picsart Download | Get Picsart For PC For Image Editing

Picsart is media editing tool. It used to edit image, design colleges and apply filters to the images. Also, it is used to post images on popular social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Tumblr and more. It was initially released in November 2011.

One can transform a dull image into an antique art by applying masks, filters, frames, stickers, texts, colors and rotating images.

Apart from basic editing features, Picsart includes some special “magic effects” which are very much similar to Instagram filters. It includes neon, paper, comic, old paper, Popart 2, softened unfocusing.

Picsart is loaded with intuitive features such as cropping, resizing, reshaping, crop, blur, sketch etc. But here are some very unique features which one must know before using Picsart.

Picsart APK


Sometimes the original image needs a little adjustment to look best. Picsart allows you to adjust contrast, brightness, color, hue, shadows and more. Everything can be done with one click.

  1. Motion Blur:

This is the most excited Picsart feature. You can make your image move. Add movement to your image by blurring a specific part of the image in the linear or free form.

  1. FX:

The range of  Picsart filters is incredibly large. Along with some basic filters namely retro, light cross, dodger, twilight, sunny and B&W, it includes vintage filters like artistic effects, paper effects, Pop Art etc. In addition, you can zoom, blur and motion effects to your images.

  1. Sketch:

Picsart provides you a platform you to show your sketching skills. In addition to editing, it has some basic drawing tools such as brushes, shapes, paints, text, eraser and more. You can draw a sketch and then edit wit the same tool. This feature is ideal to create, logos, covers, brochures and other similar material.

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  1. Layer to layer editing:

Picsart has multiple layer feature which allows you to design several layers for one drawing. These layers can be merged, copied and transformed. Also, you can manage the layer opacity, and add effects like darken, lighten, overlay and more. You can combine multiple layers into a single image.

These were some of the prominent features of Picsart editing tool, but one can also transform images into GIF and videos. From editing to posting, there is everything which an artist needs to publish art. Above all, you can design a collage of all your memories which only requires image selection, rest will be managed by this comprehensive tool.

Picsart is platform-wide app. One can use it on Android, Windows, and MacOS. It is available in Google play store and various other app stores or free of cost.

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System Requirement:

Operating SysteM: Android/ MS Windows

File size: 35.8 MB

Download Now:

Toonmania download

Toonmania Download | The Toonmania Apk App For Anime Lovers

Age doesn’t define your interest especially when someone is cartoon lover. But how can u get your favorite series? It’s quite easier than you think. The Toonmania android app lets you enjoy all favorite cartoon series on your phone. It includes 1000+ episodes of animated movies and shows, both classic and modern popular cartoons.

The app is rich in distinctive features. Here are the features of this wonderful app:

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Follow the given steps in order to install Toonmania on your Android::

  • To install the Toonmania app, you have to allow the external sources in the settings of your device. Go to settings>>security<<unknown sources. This is how you can allow unknown sources to install apps.
  • Download the apk file of Toonmania.
  • Once downloaded, check your file manager and search for the apk file.
  • Go to the apk file and click on it. Give it permission to make changes and click “next” and then “Install”.
  • Wait for installation.
  • Click on app logo and it’s ready to use.

download Toonmania


  • Every animated series is arranged in alphabetical order which makes it’s easy to find any toon series of your choice.
  • The team continuously update the range of series and features on regular basis.
  • It includes effective filters using keyword or phrase.
  • You can create your own watchlist by adding your favorite animated shows to it which you can watch anytime without any internet connection.
  • There is a wide range of customizable options for layout.
  • One can use Chromecast to play it on the big screen.
  • You can connect with an entire toon lover community via app shoutbox feature. In this way, you can find new shows and get reviews.

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System Requirements:

Operating System; Android

If you want to install Toonmania on your Windows system, you can use any android app emulator on your system. In this way, you can download Toonmania on your Windows/Mac system

Download Now: