Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 Free Download With Key

Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 Free Download With Key

The PageMaker software 7.0 is the product of Adobe which lets you design layouts, brochures, cards and other printing based projects. It is designed for professional institutions to create the bulk of products, but home-users can also avail various benefits from it.

The Adobe Pagemaker is popular for its efficiency and simplicity. Instead of wasting your time and money big and expensive printing machines and tools you can simply download this software on your system and get quality outputs just like professional ones almost in no time.

Adobe PageMaker is loaded with pre-built templates and designs which make your creation easier than before. This page composition software automates designing which includes document typography, text designing, lines, boxes, picture and colors of the document.  It is recommended by experts of the printing industry.

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Adobe Pagemaker 7.0 Free Download With Key

How to Use?

This multi-tasking program is very easy to use and handle. Read below to get an accurate answer for the frequently asked questions about Pagemaker 7.0.

How to create a new document?

There is nothing much to worry about creating a new document. Just specify some particularities such as margins, lines, and page size before creating.

Go to the file menu.

Press new command.

Now set up a new document with the help of dialog box.

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Set Page Size:

It is advised to set the minimum and maximum size according to the printer you are using. If you choose bigger size than the size of your printer, you may lose some content.


Dimensions include width and height of the paper. Choose it wisely. It is the deciding factor how your page creation is going to look. If you are not happy with the predefined dimension, specify your own set of dimension in the page list box.


There are two default orientations one is the portrait which is tall, and the wide one is landscape, which turns the document to 90 degrees.

Page Number:

You can set the page numbering very easily. You can number the first page as 5th and second as 6th by typing the number in the text box.


Create one-sided design by unticking the double sided option. Secondly, you can specify the margins in the left, right, top and bottom.

Shape tools;

There is a specific tool for each shape. You can draw perpendicular lines, rectangular box, polygon, polygon frame, Ellipse, Ellipse frame, Diagonal line and more.


To zoom your document you can use Ctrl key and + or  – key. To resize a particular object press on the zoom tool and choose any item and adjust the size.

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More Characters:

  • Font Button: Use to decide the font face.
  • Font size: to select the size of the font.
  • Track: Adjust the font track from tight, very tight, loose, very loose and normal.
  • Kerning tool: to specify the space between characters.
  • Add/remove a page to your document.
  • Add image to your document.
  • Paste multiple objects at a time.
  • Use Ctrl+L command to check the spelling and grammar.


You can export your publication to PC’s, Mac’s and Smartphone. Also, you can export the document in the form of PDF.

How to Download?

  • Use the below-given link to download setup.exe file for Adobe Pagemaker 7.0
  • Use Winrar to extract the file.
  • OPen the setup.exe file and install it on your device.
  • Ready to use.

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System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 SP5 or later
  • Installed Memory (RAM): 32 MB
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 175 MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or higher
  • File Size: 67.25 MB

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idope Details
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How To Download?

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There is specifically a list of apps that work with Arc Welder, but you’ve to check whether the app you want to use works or not. So crashing of unsupported apps is a big disadvantage.

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Pro features:

The main plus point of this program is its slick interface which is the easy to use, fully organised and every required feature is placed in proper manner at the front.


  • Latest version of Google Chrome installed on your device.
  • The support version of Mac, Windows Operating system.
  • The app of Arc Welder installed.
  • Good graphic card for high end games
  • .apk file of desired program

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Arc Welder Details
Author Google
Licence Type Free
OS Windows
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Ultrasurf Chrome Download

Ultrasurf Chrome Download For PC

We are aware of the regional limitations, there is no way to access blocked sites. Ultrasurf is Vpn services that enables you to browse the web without leaving any traces. Also, you allows you to DND services which makes browsing secure and faster.

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Internet explorer comes preconfigured with Ultrasurf, but it is also compatible with Chrome and Firefox. This program comes free of cost for every modern operating system.

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How to Install?

There are two ways to install this program, either install the program on your PC  and configure it with Chrome. Or you can download the plugin and access the blocked site or surf privately without any registration.

  • Use the given link to download UltaSurf zip file.
  • Once downloaded, go to the download section of your PC and search for zip file.
  • If your operating system is unable to open the zip file automatically, do it yourself and manually unzip file.
  • Double click on .exe file. This file will run the file.
  • Now, customize the settings of Ultrasurf interface. This is an optional step.
  • Now, freely explore the web-world.
  • Simply close the interface of Ultrasurf to close the program.

Download Ultrasurf

How it works?

One can login with the internal VPN address and the original DNS will be saved in a separate form. In this way your privacy is secured and no one can detect your location. There is no need to change the IP and DNS manually as it works automatically.  


  • It can penetrate firewall and allows you to access disabled sites.
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  • It’s free of cost.
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Though it’s an ideal platform to surf privately and also ensures your privacy and security, some sites recognizes it and block your access.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista/ 7/8/8.1/10
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  • File size: 2.45MB


Ultrasurf Chrome Details
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FlirtyMania Download

FlirtyMania Download Free | Best Video Chat APK (Latest Released)

FlirtyMania is a video calling app used by millions of users worldwide. It allows you to place group video chats. You can call your loved ones or get connected with a random person from the flirtymania community. Many users consider it as a dating application where they meet random guys and girls via video call.

The Flirtymania  app renders you full control over your call connection. You can choose with whom you wanna call and set your privacy as per your convenience.Moreover, this app doesn’t ask for a penny or credit card credentials, it’s totally free and easy to use. Above all, you can use this app without registration.

Some Filitymania features that which managed to attract millions of users:

Choose your chat type;

There are two chat types: Private and Public. Choose any of the option. If you want to join a group conversation, go to public chatroom and contribute in the chat. Also, you can make private calls to your old as well as new friends.

No boundaries:

The whole world is here.You can connect with people using Flirtymania across the globe. Most of the guys/girls use this app to find a perfect date , so if you like someone you can start a video chat with them.

Download FlirtyMania

Open Debates:

You can find group conversation of your interest and debate on any topic of your choice and at the end of conversation, members choose the best winner of debate.

Safe Chats:

Your identity is safe and only selected people can view your profile.

Send gifts:

You can send gifts and rewards to your online friends. Though these gifts are virtual but expressive enough to portray your feelings for the next person.

Sticker for every emotion:

The stickers helps you to show What you are feeling for the next person. You can collect points to get free stickers or purchase them from the online marketplace

How to Chat Using FlirtyMania?

  • Go to the Google playstore and search for FlirtyMania.
  • If you are doing it on your PC, get an android emulator first.
  • Install  the Flirtymania video chat and start it.
  • Now, you can use it freely without sharing your identity

Key Features:

  • Best quality of audio and video.
  • Use can use it free with your 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi
  • Chat publicly or create a private conversation with your friends or strangers.
  • Webcam support.
  • Unlimited video chats and calls,
  • Compatible with PC, Smartphone and tablets.

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