Download Game Maker 8.1 For Windows | (Free Trail)

If you are not a professional developer but confident about your gaming and creative skills, looking an effective tool to support you in designing your own game Game Maker 8.1 is your thing. It helps you creating simple and graphic-rich games without a deep understanding of programming.

Design games in your own style. Adjust graphics quality, sound, effects and elements for with Game Maker Editor. There is a wide range of genre, platform, action, puzzle, and dimensions while designing a game.

Download Game Maker 8.1


Programming is no more required:

If you are true gaming lover, you must have a fantasy to create your own game, but lack of programming knowledge may preventing you to to do so. To overcome from this dilemma Game maker 8.1 is something you should try. This app is the only platform which lets you develop games without any prior experience of programming and coding.

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Immense control on your creation:

The drag and drop functionality has made development easier than ever. Just command the program and it will follow it without wasting any time. Choose any background, create rooms, objects, fonts, scripts, paths, and timelines.

Show your talent to the world:

Share your creation with the online world using your social media apps. Publish it on various gaming platforms and lets other know about creativity.


There are certain fixes made by the development team in the latest version. It includes:

  • Renders fast and precise outcomes.
  • TAB’ing is blocked.
  • Optimized support for accented characters.
  • Coder completion support for better performance.
  • Options to customize background colors.


The Game app maker is slightly heavy and consumes a lot of system resources which can be considered as the disadvantage of this app. While testing your app, it demands patience and first-time users may find it a bit complex to operate.

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  • Go to the official Yoyo website. Or Click.
  • Click on the download link.
  • Now either set up the .exe file on your device or directly go to the download manager of your device.
  • Carefully follow the instructions and complete installation.

Still Confused?? Take help from this video:

Minimum requirements:

Carefully read the requirements before installing Game Maker on your device:


Minimum DirectX 9.0c

If you want to know more about downloading DirectX, Go to

Required .Net :

.NET Framework 3.5 is required for installation.

If you are looking to dowbload.Net Framework v3.5, visit:

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Graphics: 128MB graphics
  • Screen resolution: 1024×600


Game Maker 8.1 Details
Author Mark Overmars
Licence Type Trail
OS Windows
Download Game Maker 8.1


The Game Maker is an dream app for those who are looking for helping hand in programming and coding while developing their own games. Also, it’s provide brilliant platform to share your creation with rest of  the world. But it’s advised to test your game before sharing it and hence this app includes a efficient game tester. Download Game Maker 8.1 and give shape to your dream of designing and developing your own games.

Download idope

Download idope For Android For Free | (100% Working)

The idop is an official app developed by the idope torrent manufactures. You can quickly find anything from the web to your device using idope. It will not let you download apps, only help you find the exact thing you are looking for. For downloading, you need another app like BitTorrent or utorrent on your device and use them in concurrent fashion with idope.

The app has very limited features and intuitive interface. The main window includes search feature which also suggests the popular searches, latest searches and things you may like. Also, you can use the filters to make a more precise selection. Get download link for an app, movie, video game, or e-book.

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The idope is a secure platform and doesn’t store any information or credentials. Also, it never asks you to use your system cookies.

Mobile Friendly:

This search torrent is very easy to navigate on both OC and mobiles. You can easily manage your search results in ascending and descending order using size, quality and file name.

Download idope For Android

Totally Free:

This torrent is free and provides large collection for everything.The app is free from all virus and adware. There is no need to get high-paid softwares. Download idope and avail the best and safest results for your searches.

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Huge Database:

There are infinite numbers of movies, shows, apps, books and video resources are available. You can find anything latest or traditional in no time using idope. There are no limitations for using this torrent app. One can install this app on the system and use it to get infinite downloads links without paying anything.

Easy and Fast:

This app is very user-friendly and easy to operate with comprehensive search tools. Copy the link and share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and VK via phone or PC. Either watch the movie online or download the app from the best site using idope torrent.

System Requirements:

  • Author:
  • Operating System: Android
  • File Size: 2.02MB

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idope Details
Licence Type Free
OS Android
Download WBFS Manager

Get any of the app, movie, book or anything on your by using the link provided by idope to you. It may not provide you the download option but it will render the best site to download. So, Download idope torrent on your Android device.

Download WBFS Manager

Download WBFS Manager For Windows PC (Free)

WBFS Manager is a system utility which is an efficient tool to manage the formatted disks and USB drives. It enables you reload the formatted data and backup the formatted data. It will help you format drives without losing your data. You can connect your Wii console with your system using WBFS manager and save your data to your computer which you can further transfer it to another drive.

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How To Use?

Using this program is very simple. Start by inserting device into your system and choose the unit to load. Open the WBFS manager and select the drive that you want to format, follow the prompts and successful the complete formatting. Once formatted, it’s time to backup the Wii console. Select any of the game you want to restore by accepting terms and conditions.

This app can also be used to customize your games and add .ISO games, modify the name of games, create channels and create copies of original game and save it to another hard drive. Furthermore, the cover art of every game is accessible on your device which you can easily download to fill the missing ones.

Download WBFS Manager free

You can work upon multiple ISO formats with the Batch processing feature. Also, you can drag and drop multiple files to WBFS manager.



This tool supports languages such as:

French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, and Chinese ( both simplified and traditional)

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Key Features:

  • Create Homebrew Channel entry creation.
  • Easily use multiple cover directories.
  • Delete and extract in bulk.
  • Automatic extraction of RAR files.
  • Displays Titles, Size and Codes of the games.
  • Uses .CSV format to export games.
  • Very intuitive interface.
  • Batch processing feature for .ISO Files.
  • Option to rename disks on WBFS file.

System requirements:

  • Developers:
  • Filename:
  • File size: 2.50MB
  • Operating System : Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

    Additional Tip: If you don’t have the required framework the manager will automatically provides you with the upgrade option.

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WBFS Manager Details
Author AlexDP
Licence Type Free
OS Windows
Download WBFS Manager


It requires an efficient tool to deal with the disk related tasks, a little issue can put your crucial data at risk. Download WBFS manager which is the best option to format disk, transfer disk data to backup the disk to your system. This easy-to-operate tool can be used without installation and one can connect Wii console to computer with the help of WBFS manager , save the games and transfer it to other console without any struggle.

Download Vizer

Download Vizer For Android For Free (latest 2.2 Version)

Vizer is an app for android users who want watch their favorite Tv shows on their phones. The app provides free services to its users. Also, one can watch movies and Tv shows dubbed in Portuguese.

The app is very lightweight and simple to use. Only important features are added to this application which makes it user-friendly. The moment you open the app, the list Tv programs, and latest movies appear on the screen. The huge databases of this Tv app is organized category to provide you eases in searching a specific category.

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How to Get?

  • Go the link provided below and Download the app from there.
  • This link will redirect you to the official site, which is the most secure platform to download this app.
  • Click “Baixar” which means Download in English.
  • Once downloaded, go the download folder on your device and install the app.
  • If you see Installed block popup on your device, go to Settings and allow Unknown sources.
  • Then again start the installation and wait for it to complete.

Download Vizer For Android

The app takes only a few minutes to install on your Android device. You can open this app directly from the app drawer of your device.

The time you click on any Movie or show, this app will suggest various content related links and information. Before downloading, the app asks you to choose the language from English and Portuguese.

How To Use?

Open the app and register yourself, if you already have an account, log in. To register, you have to choose a unique username, and fill other details. Confirm your account and log in.

Once you log into your account, you will see multiple categories on the screen, pick any category and choose movie or TV show from the list. It will save the movie/show to your device memory or SD card, so make sure you have enough space available.

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The only limitation of Vizer is that it is only available in the Portuguese language. You have to struggle a lot to understand the features of Vizer.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Minimum Android 4.1
  • Author: Vizer Tv
  • File Size: 14.62MB

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Vizer Details
Author Vizer TV
Category Video
Download Vizer


The database of this app is huge and almost every movie and TV show is available in the best quality. So, it’s better to download Vizer than downloading movie from secure paths which can further affect your device. The app is an easy to use platform which is available on every android device.  

Download Arc Welder

Download Arc Welder For PC | Best Android Emulator For Computer

If you are looking for an easiest way to run apps on your computer, run directly using APK files with the help of Arc Welder. This program allows you to run android apps directly from the navigator and burn APK files.

Add this chrome extension on your device and specify a folder to save the temporary files generated by Arc Welder. Once the extension is properly configured, select the app you want to run, but before running an app, make sure you have the latest version of the same app installed on your system.

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Select the APK and specify the some important parameters and start running it on your system. You can resize and reshape the application as per your device screen and choose the option to run it on smartphone or tablets.

This feature rich program works efficiently with social media apps like Instagram and enables you to upload pics directly from your computer. Also, you can click the pic on the spot and post it on your Ista profile using computer webcam as the smartphone camera.

Download Arc Welder For PC

How To Download?

  • Go to the Arc Welder Download Page and click Add to Chrome.
  • Check the confirmation box appears on the screen and click Add button to install the program.
  • You can track the download process right on your computer screen.
  • Wait till the program is downloaded completely.

Using this browser extension, you can now open Android application on your Windows system without installing heavy software on your system.\


There is specifically a list of apps that work with Arc Welder, but you’ve to check whether the app you want to use works or not. So crashing of unsupported apps is a big disadvantage.

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Pro features:

The main plus point of this program is its slick interface which is the easy to use, fully organised and every required feature is placed in proper manner at the front.


  • Latest version of Google Chrome installed on your device.
  • The support version of Mac, Windows Operating system.
  • The app of Arc Welder installed.
  • Good graphic card for high end games
  • .apk file of desired program

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Arc Welder Details
Author Google
Licence Type Free
OS Windows
Download Arc Welder


Arc Welder is the most easiest and efficient way to run android apps on your computer. Instead of installing file, download Arc Welder Extension and run the apps directly through the .apk files. Also, it saves your system space as it is an extension. Also, It is very useful to post pics and on social media such as Instagram from your PC.