Download NewBlue TotalFX 5

Download NewBlue TotalFX 5 | Ultimate Video Editing Software

NewBlue TotalFX 5 is an ultimate video editing software that can meet modern graphics editing requirements. It has more than 1,400 and 129 plugin effects with all latest technologies such as video tools, transition effects, color correction tools, titling and many other.

Not only videos but you can also design eye-catching  3D graphics and texts. There is no boundaries when it comes to editing, The tool is loaded with amazing features such as text extrusion, custom lighting and animators.

There are plenty of features , have a see:

Color Corrector:

An array of amazing color correction tools allow you to enhance the look of your digital image. A feature namely Colorfast lets you customize the primary or secondary correction, shadow adjustment, preservation masks and shape-matting. It provides you a wide range of color customization options.

Animation Preset

Add animations to your creation with Titler Pro 3s animation preset and give a gorgeous touch to your masterpiece with few clicks. In addition, there is no special key frames required to insert simple animation to your art.

Flash Removal Pro:

Flash can affect the quality of your creation and hence it’s important to remove distracting flash from the screen. Moreover, you can adjust camera flashes, sensitivity and thresholds with various presets. Also, adjust the most sensitive frames with an ease.


For stabilizing the unstable camera movements of your video footage with array of intelligent presets. Use the stabilizer to clear the focus on the subject , and stop the movement of active images. This is the best way to track the motion of object and keep them steady.

NewBlue TotalFX 5 download

Active Camera:

Active Camera of NewBlue TotalFX 5 can easily imitate the moving camera. This feature brilliantly works as hand-held camera by adjusting the parameters namely horizontal and vertical values , rotation and rate of speed. It also includes numerous presets.

Background Generator:

Background Generator feature is easiest way to include trendy backgrounds to your footage. To modify and enhance your video you can choose any of the editing options like saturation, blur, colors, animations, exposure and more. Furthermore, you can add clip after clip to create dynamic background for your video or add text mattes, lines , shapes , cutout masks and borders to your clip.

Gradient Fill Pro:

You can customize the company logo according to the style of your video without producing an odd look. It’s quite easy to alter colors texts and images by altering multi-point gradients, blending, transparency and shadow.

There are few more features available such as transition 5 Ultimate, Title Pro 5 Ultimate and Filters 5 Ultimate to simplify the task of editing.

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System Requirements:

Operating Systems: windows 7/8/8.1/10

RAM: 2 Gb

Hard disk space: 2Gb


To solve the video editing problems, Download NewBlue TotalFX 5


NewBlue TotalFX 5 Details
Author NewBlueFX
File Size 274.22 MB
File Name
Download NewBlue TotalFX 5


Download Sony Vegas pro

Download Sony Vegas Pro 12 : Video Editing Software

Sony Vegas Pro 12 is a popular video editing tool for Windows based computers. It is designed for professional video and movie makers and so it has several multimedia tools. It can be used for capturing a video and several enhancements.

A combination of creative skills and powerful editing tools results into a fine video product. A professional editing program must have a good number of features and display precision in performance. Sony Vegas Pro 12 is a fully armed software to accomplish your post production tasks.

Vegas pro is packed with astonishing features. It supports SD, HD, 2k and 4k footage in both 2D and 3D stereoscopic technologies. To make editing easier it has proxy editing which transforms 1080p AVC image to 720p MPEG-2 for a better preview version.

It uses more than 300 filters and color correction features to work on every layer to optimize the quality of video while playing. While overlapping one clip on another it maintains the pixels, matches color and makes other adjustments to track the color characterization on the video. The advanced plug-ins designed by VFX provide you more than 100 effects that can improve the visual experience of audiences. Exclusive features such as Shape masking tools and masking effects make it more flexible and powerful editing option.

Sony Vegas pro download

Audio is another important aspect of a video and Vegas pro enables you to maintain clip by clip punch-in recordings, 5.1 surround effects, automation, compression or extension and other customizable options. It has amazing audio tools such as Equalizer, Delay, Reverb, Repeat and many more. The audio Plug-ins like DirectX® and VST are best in mixing and processing different sound effects.

To give users more stability and better performance Vegas pro has targeted 64-bit system and it has betrayed the limitations of 32-Bit architectures for a user-friendly experience. This editor works efficiently on AMD and NVIDIA OpenCL ™ compatible devices. With the support of GPU acceleration it renders streamlined video editing experience and delivers ideal product from compositing, panning/clipping and encoding processes.

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The compatibility factor is something that users love about this software as it processes all common camcorder formats ranging from AVCHD, HDCAM SR ™, XDCAM ™, NXCAM, DSLR h.264 QuickTime® to RED®. It also supports Panasonic P2 DVCPRO and AVC-Intra media and also HDCAM SR MXF for optimum encoding, which is also commonly used by professionals.

This software uses DVD Architect Software to create videos and projects for DVD or Blu-ray Disc. It also supplies you with subtitles, multiple languages ​​and various playback menus. Once you are done with your work it generates a real time preview of your project. To enhance the level of creativity you can use buttons and graphics from Photoshop® by importing .PSD layer files.

This is the best video editing software and it is also fun to use. It is a grab for all professional video/movie makers and production houses.

System Requirements For Sony Vegas Pro

  • Operating System: Window XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM: 4GB
  • HDD: 500 MB


Sony Vegas Pro 12 Details
Developed By Sony Vegas Pro
File Name Sony-Vegas-Pro12.exe
File Size 221.69 MB
Download Sony Vegas Pro 12


Sony Vegas Free

Sony Vegas Free Download – Video Editing Software

When it comes to professional video editing software, we can’t ignore the influence of Sony Vegas Pro. Several big names have used this editor for creating movies, music videos and TV shows for years.

Sony has managed to launch a professional video editor with a balanced set of features and user-friendly interface. Undeniably, the intuitive interface is a big plus about this editor, especially if you are switching from basic consumer package to studio package.

Sony Vegas Pro is known for creating intriguing special effects, compositing and 3D titling. With studio subscription, you can author DVDs or Blu-Ray discs. In simple words, it is an ideal choice if you seek power and crude control required to produce high-quality video content.

Sony Vegas Features

Sony Vegas free offers key video editing features including chroma key, image stabilization, white balance, stereoscopic 3D editing, masking and MultiCam editing for the minimal price. Being a newbie, it may take you a while to get familiar with all the tools. Fortunately, you can watch built-in tutorials to learn how things work inside Vegas Pro. So, don’t worry if you have no prior experience in video editing. Vegas Pro has your back.

Proxy-first workflow is a key difference between Vegas Pro and other entry-level video editors. By using camera mounted adapter, videographers in different locations can remotely send the proxy footage to the home studio for editing. In this way, the editors can start working on video content only moments after it has been shot. If you have the internet connection and Vegas Pro, you can receive footage instantly from anywhere in the world.

The Connect iPad app is another unique tool offered by Vegas Pro. You can perform several desktop functions right on your iPad using the app. Not only you can control playback or drop markers but also integrate with other editors online on the app. Most importantly, this app lets you produce a proxy footage that you can take with you. If you make any changes, the app will sync the tweaks with the desktop version. In simple words, Connect an iPad app is a collaborative tool that ensures efficiency and portability.

sony vegas pro

The feature of intelligent upscaling is a winning point about Sony Vegas Pro. With this feature, you can upscale any regular HD footage to 4K resolution. This comes in handy when you want to enhance the quality of older footage.

Key Features

  • Expanded Edit Mode – It offers an advanced video editing mode. Trimming has become easier like never before. You can trim the neighboring frames using the mouse or keyboard right on the timeline. You can also trim adjacent frame via loop section during playback,
  • Sync Link – This feature lets you create a hierarchical relationship between timeline events. You can divide sections into parent and child events. It’s your choice to play child events independently or with parent event to maintain the harmony.
  • Multicamera Editing – You can edit footage from 32 camera sources simultaneously with Vegas Pro.
  • Masking Tools – With Bezier drawing tools, the isolation or masking out of unnecessary portions has become easier.
  • FX Masking – If you want to add logo or trademark or face in video clips, do it with FX masking.

Sony Vegas

System Requirement

Before starting Sony Vegas free download, make sure to fulfill these minimum requirements:-

  • Windows 64 bit- 7/8/10
  • 2GHz processor ( multicore for HD or stereoscope 3D, octa core for 4K)
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 500MB of storageNVIDIA, AMD/ATI or Intel GPU with at least 512 MB memory / 1GB for 4K
  • Internet connection
Sony Vegas Free Details
Author Sony Network Entertainment International
Version Sony Vegas Pro 14
User Rating 4.9
File Size 354.23 MB
Sony Vegas Download
Sony Vegas Pro 13

Sony Vegas Pro 13 Free Video Editing Software

Sony Vegas Pro 13 is the ultimate choice for any amateur video editing enthusiasts. Most of its rivals have faded away over the years. Most other music editors come with a discouraging price tag. That’s why videographers cannot deny the importance of Sony Vegas Pro 13!

Sony Vegas Pro 13 is the latest installment that provides an array of fantastic features which are as follows:

  • Innovative Editor

You can edit or produce SD, HD, 2K or 4K content using 2D or stereoscopic 3D space. Editing is a piece of cake thanks to drag and drop functionality. You can customize the workspace as per your needs. You can save keyboard commands for the sake of convenience. For repetitive functionality, you can use application scripting.

sony vegas pro 13 editor

  • Powerful Compositing Engines

You are free to use up to 32 high-quality video effects per Effects chain. The plugin architecture of Sony Vegas Pro 13 is based on OpenFX that provides compatibility with cutting edge effects. This video editor is a treat for newbies. The intuitive Shape Masking and FX Masking are simple to use. This way, you can easily pan or crop or do effect treatments in a video clip.

The Color Match plug-in is a highlighted feature of Sony Vegas Pro 13. It allows instant color correction from one clip to another.

  • Project Interchange

Vegas Pro 13 can import and export several types of project files. You can make native .veg or AAF file compatible for Avid, Final Cut Pro 7, ProTools, DaVinci Resolve 10, Adobe Premier Pro and Affect Effects.

  • Vegas Pro Connect

Vegas Pro Connect is an iPad app that lets the team collaborate on the same project from different locations. In simple words, Pro Connect acts as a wireless remote control for operating the editor. You can control Vegas Pro 13 in two ways: either using buttons or a set of gestures. For instance, you can tap to play, two finger swipe to scroll, left or right swipe to jump to a market and much more. The collaborator and editor can work simultaneously on the same project for modifications via Pro Connect app.

Vegas Pro Connect

  • GPU Acceleration

Vegas Pro 13 is based on OpenCL technology that supports Intel, AMD and NVIDIA devices. This software ensures faster workflow by leveraging GPU acceleration. This video editor is perfect for industry professionals who are working on projects with tight deadlines.

GPU Acceleration

  • Stereoscopic 3D Editing

You can create stunning 3D video content using stereoscopic 3D editing. Stereoscopy combines two different video content in a way that your brain would perceive them with 3D depth. You can import, edit, adjust, preview and produce stereoscopic 3D video content. Side by side and top/bottom encoding is possible with Vegas Pro 13.

Stereoscopic 3D Editing

Key Features

  • Powerful video editor for Windows computers
  • Intuitive and smart user interface
  • Offers SD, HD, 2K, 4K editing in 2D and stereoscopic 3D
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Easy to use Shape and FX Masking tools
  • Supports a wide range of video formats

System Requirements

Make sure you meet these minimum system requirements before starting Sony Vegas Pro 13 free download.

  • Windows 7/8/8.1
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 1GB of Storage
  • 2GHz Intel/AMD/Athlon processor ( multi core for HD & octa core for 4K)
Sony Vegas Pro 13 Details
Author Sony
Version Sony Vegas Pro 13
User Ratings Transfer photos, music, videos, contacts, apps and any files
File Size 337 MB
Sony Vegas Pro 13 Free Download
Mirillis Action

Download Mirillis Action! Best Screen and Gameplay Recording Software

Action is the most popular video game recording software launched by Mirillis. Mirillis Action offers everything that you wish in the best game recording application. For instance, this software supports live stream recording.

Action has a broad range of settings and variables to play with so you can produce desired results. We have summed up the most notable features of Mirillis Action below:

  • HD Recording Of Gameplay

Action is a killer game recorder. It utilizes the GPU in an optimum way for outstanding performance. Unlike other recorders, it swiftly records the gameplay video in HD quality.

  • Great Support For Windows

Action has set new benchmarks as a real-time desktop video recorder. With this software, you can record HD videos of activities happening on your desktop or in applications.

You can also pair the software with a microphone to create fantastic tutorials.

  • Intuitive User Interface

Mirillis Action user interface

Action comes with a responsive, compact and user-friendly interface. Not only you can record, but also browse, delete and export video recordings into widely used video formats.

  • Live Streaming

Being an advanced video recorder, Mirillis Action allows live streaming of your gameplays or desktop activity on popular platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, HitBox, Ustream and much more.

  • Continuous Desktop Recording

Mirillis Action will stay active regardless of how many times you have switched between gameplay and desktop. Every bit of activity will be recorded into a single file.

  • Webcam Recording

Mirillis Action Webcam Recording

You can connect Action with different video capturing devices like webcams, TV broadcasts, camcorders or gaming consoles. It also lets you add a watermark or logo to the video. Later, you can save it to the local disk or live stream on YouTube.

  • Pre-Defined Exporting Profiles

Action saves you from going through the hassle of uploading videos on Youtube or Facebook separately. This software features predefined exporting profiles for both social media network. All you need to do is provide the credentials. To export video on these platforms, you just need to push a button. That’s it!

  • Hardware Acceleration For Recording in MP4 Format

Action utilizes the NVIDIA NVENC AMD APP or Intel Quick Sync Video acceleration for recording 60p video in MP4 format directly. So you can enjoy HD videos with minuscule file size!

  • Add Webcam To Recordings

Action is a highly efficient recording software. You can create interesting videos by embedding a webcam stream in real time gameplay or screen recordings. This comes in handy while making tutorials.

  • Webcam Chroma Key Option

Mirillis Action Webcam Chroma Key Option

You don’t need a special camera for recording videos in Greenscreen mode. Action gives you the option to cut the background from the recording video. So, you can produce video content with high-quality Greenscreen for multiple uses.

  • Record Gameplay In Popular Formats

Mirillis Action can produce recording videos in a wide variety of resolutions. You can create videos in 2K, 3K, 4K or even 8K for NVIDIA 3D Vision Setups.

Key Features

  • Mirillis Action Records real-time gameplay in HD quality.
  • It provides smooth interaction with Windows for creating tutorials quickly.
  • The Software comes with an intuitive & stylish user interface for great user experience.
  • Thhis application ensures live streaming of gameplays on popular services.
  • It creates HD MP4 video files with super small size.

features of Mirillis Action

System Requirement

  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • DirectX and advanced graphics card drivers
  • Internet connection for live streaming
  • 512MB of RAM
  • Intel Celeron 1.4GHz or equivalent processor
Mirillis Action Details
Author Mirillis
Version Action 2.3.0
User Ratings 4.8
File Size 19MB
Download Link