DirectX 11 Download & Install Guide

directX 11 download

DirectX refers to a collection of APIs (application programming interface) for handling game programming and video creation on Windows platform.

DirectX 11 is a much anticipated update to its predecessor DirectX 10. The software’s USP is that it reboots the previous installment with a bunch of new features. This set of APIs has been launched to cater to the needs of both developers and end users.


DirectX 11 houses all of DirectX 10’s features with a couple of new ones. The new lot includes native support for tessellation, compression algorithms, advanced texture cache, multi-threading support, DirectCompute API and Shade Model 5.0. For better understanding, we have talked about all features below before you get started with your DirectX 11 free download:


Multi-threaded processing allows multi-core processor to integrate with GPU in parallel. Most graphics applications rely heavily on CPUs for activities like object sorting and physics simulation. This new version comes with advanced multi-threading support to ensure excellent communication between graphics APIs and multiple CPU threads.

In simple words, a user can use a shade or texture on two threads simultaneously.


The 3D graphic software producer 3D model by arranging, cutting and molding polygons. Tessellation empowers the user to produce the 3D object with varying levels of detail. You don’t need to place new squares or spheres when tessellation can cut the square into two triangles.

This way, a lower geometry model can have smoother curved surface from a less detailed input patch.

directX Tessellation

Compute Shader

General purpose data parallel processing has become possible due to DirectX 11’s Compute Shader. In simple words, GPU can act as a general purpose parallel processor.

Most 3D graphic software rely on the CPU for processing. Compute Shader configures the GPU for general computing processor. When GPU shares processing load with CPU, it generates new visual effects which were previously impossible. The developers take advantage of Compute Shader for ray tracing, video transcoding, ambient occlusion, post processing and much more.

Compute Shader directx 11

Dynamic Shader Linking

Rendering software face difficulty in dealing with shaders. The situation becomes severe when shaders need to handle different materials in a rendered scene. The developers have two choices to resolve the issue. Either they create general purpose shaders or a bunch of individual shaders. The former can be used for a wide variety of items in a single scene but reduces the performance of CPU & GPU. The latter construction ends up with light type shaders for various geometry and material types.

Technically, DirectX 11 features shader model 5 which is based on object-oriented language constructs. That’s why dynamic shader linking has become possible with this version!

Dynamic Shader Linking directx 11

Key Features Of DirectX 11

  • Tessellation technology acts as a CPU calculator for creating the smoother surface on low geometry object. As a result, you can enjoy high definition picture.
  • Multi-threading assists the PC in loading frames faster, so that your game won’t ever get stuck.
  • Compute Shader transforms the GPU into a general purpose graphic processor to share the burden with CPU.
  • DirectX 11 expands texturing using Gather4 and Streaming features.

System Requirements 

Here’s what you need in your PC before you attempt DirectX 11 free download:-

  • DirectX 11 download will install on Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Dual core, 2.66 GHz or faster processor
  • 2GB of RAM
  • Graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c
  • USB 2.0 bus dedicated to the Kinect

system requirements for directx 11

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