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adobe bridge CC 2017 download

Managing your media files has become much easier with Adobe Bridge CC 2017 . As most of the times, it’s very tough to collect and arrange scattered media on your hard drive. So Adobe Bridge CC helps you manage your media such as videos, images, movies, and music on your system.

It is a matter of fact that we require a powerful media manager every now and then, so trusting an Adobe product is the best option. Adobe Bridge CC has an intuitive interface, which enables beginners and professional to catalogue media files efficiently. It is a free tool and lightweight too.


Quick Search Box:

The search capabilities of Adobe Bridge CC are commendable. On the top-right corner of the tool, there is a Search bar, which allows you to search Adobe Bridge assets such as photos, illustrations, and vectors.

The search box of this tool enables you to switch between Adobe stock manager and Computer search. Moreover, there are few more options you can find in in the drop-down list of Quick Search box.

download adobe bridge CC 2017

Cache Management:

The automated cache management feature of Adobe Bridge removes cache history and previously searched items such as thumbnails, cache data, previews, and metadata. This ultimate feature clears out waste from your cloud  and control the amount of disk space , which further improve the performance of the system.

There is also an option to manage cache clearing actions by setting threshold limit of cache accumulation. Alosi,  there is cache compaction feature to clear cache memory every time you turn-off the adobe bridge app.

Thumbnail Generation:

Adobe bridge allows you to manage your thumbnail,  previews and metadata generation with its revamped functionality. Now only the screen will generate a preview for a specific folder and rest of the items will only have the info created for the folder.

With this improved functionality, it has become easier to search because not you don’t need to wait for complete preview generation anymore. The metadata and preview are works separately to improve the navigation and filter capabilities.

Better Security:

Adobe Bridge renders a secure platform for media management with various bug fixes in its 2017 version. This program has a strong prevention from crashes on Mac OS X 10.11.16 while browsing media files on a dual-monitor setup. The major benefit of this tool is that it shows the missing BMP and GIF files in the Metadata panel.

This interface of this program is highly customizable. You can find hidden files, label folders and assign a rating to make your documents easy to search in creative cloud. This program is beneficial to improve the performance of your system by organizing media files and clearing unwanted cache files.

System Requirements:

Operating System: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10

Installed Memory: 2 GB

Free Hard Disk Space: 2GB

Processor: Intel Core Duo 2 or faster

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This is the best software to catalog your media files for easy search and better system performance. Download Adobe Bridge CC 2017 and avail its astonishing features.


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