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After the releases of  Windows 10, many users were not happy with its tracking features. According to users, their privacy is not secure and there should be an option to disable tracking features of Win 10. To keep users satisfied, the giant Microsoft grant their wish and provide an option to avoid tracking feature while setup windows.

Though you can manage tracking features some of them are not accessible via start menu, for those hidden features, DisableWinTracking comes to rescue.

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This Disabling tool for Win 10 is aimed to protect your privacy without much hassle. The tool configures the registry settings in order to deactivate the tracking services. This helps you control other apps to use the data of your system and sharing it to other servers.

How To Use?

This app is easy to use the platform. There is a list of programs from which you can choose the all those which you want to deactivate and then click on “go Private” option. That’s all.

The main thing that you need to focus upon is the checklist of tracking features. Make a precise selection after analyzing the functionality of each feature or else you’ll end up disabling a handy feature.

DisableWinTracking download

Telemetry Settings:

DisableWinTracking app interferes in registry entries and modifies telemetry settings of your device. It works upon “Allow Telemetry” string and makes changes to it. Even it deletes some of the tracking features that transfer your data from your device to Microsoft server.


The installation process is quite simple. Click on the download link given below and use it without any installation. It has very tiny windows consisting multiple options to manage your tracking features. You can delete or disable any of them just by checking the program from the list.

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To use the DisableWinTracking tool, you must be using your computer as an administrator, otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to make any of the changes.  


  • Best tool to protect privacy in Win 10.
  • Preven sharing information to Microsoft and other servers.
  • Maintain and enhance the privacy of apps like camera, money, and photos.
  • Uninstall and reinstall Onedrive.

Pro Features:

You can revert the applied changes and reactivate and restore the deleted tracking features of Windows 10. This feature is useful to prevent accidental deletion.

Helpful video :

Technical information:

  • File Size: 0.39 KB
  • License: Freeware
  • Author: Github
  • Required: Administrator privileges

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DisableWinTracking Details
Author ——
Licence Type Free
OS Windows
Download DisableWinTracking http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/System-Tweak/Windows-10-Tracking-Disable-Tool.shtml


Losing your privacy can be really bothersome and Microsoft may share your data without your knowledge. So, it;s better to protect with by deactivating the Win 10 tracking features. Download DisableWinTracking a small tool that can do wonders and strengthen your data privacy.

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