Download Adobe Audition CS6 | Best Audio Editing Software 2017

Download Adobe Audition CS6

Adobe audition is popular audio editing software. Audio CS6 version of this program has many advanced features to optimize the quality of your audio. It is used in many professional video, radio and podcast studios.

Audio CS6 has single window interface with multiple tabs. The main window consists of 20+tabs and the some hidden tabs can be accessed through windows menu

This software is loaded with many advanced features to edit audio tracks, mixing sounds, adjusting audio parameters and more.

There are numerous features included in CS6 that help you editing sound tracks efficiently.

Support  For Control Surface

A control surface is a hardware that controls audio apps, and CS6 version of Audition supports control surface due to the presence of parameter automation feature. Although it has its own board virtual mixer but a control surface is more efficient in recording multi-track automation. It enables you to record changes in volume, pan, EQ and other mixing effects with an ease.

Clip time-stretching

This editing program enables Stretch triangle on the top right corner of every clip. Simply drag it to left to condense it in time. It provides three modes of stretching: Monophonic to record a single sound (single instrument or word track) ; Polyphonic to record multiple instruments and Varispeed is used to modify the speed ,pitch and length of the clip. The Pitch and Length of the clip are adversely proportional. If you lengthen the clip, the Pitch reduces.

Adobe Audition CS6 downloadMedia Browser:

Audition CS6 includes a media browser t navigate the audio and video assets and provides information about those assets such as duration, media type , number of channels, a bit depth and more. You can easily save the assets as shortcuts for and access them directly while working on a different project.

Skip Selection

This feature is used to cut the selected audio. It helps you to skip and cut and playback the audio before cutting the selected portion. It provides you the preview of your edit and assists you to skip the selection if you are not satisfied the cropping. You can give another try and repeat till you get the desired results.

Automatic Speech Alignment

If you want to replace any existing dialog from the clip with different recording of same dialog, this feature is a grab. Align the original and replacement clips and select original as reference clip. This feature will automatically match the waveform and analyze the frequency of both the clips to choose the better option. Furthermore it makes additional modifications to get the perfect alignment of dialog.

Apart from these highlights it has some other astonishing features such as separated clipboards, support for import and export of OMF and the tuning it with various digital audio workstation (DAW) applications. In addition, it includes XMP metadata support to easily work radio automation system. It also has features like automatic pitch correction and markers panel for precise audio editing.

The program has four audio displays Multitrack session, Waveform Editor, Frequency Spectrum and Audio Pitch for the editing and mixing of multiple or single audio clips. It also helps you maintain the frequency and pitch of the sound.

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Key Features:

  • Attractive interface.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Various brilliant features like Waveform Editor and Audio Pitch.
  • Precise in editing.
  • Clip stretching feature.
  • Automatic speech alignment.
  • Support for various audio file formats.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Win XP/ Vista/7/8
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Free Hard Disk Space: 2 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core Duo 2


Adobe Audition CS6 Details
Developer Adobe
File Size 223 MB
Version CS6
Download Adobe Audition CS6


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