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Download Adobe Photoshop C5

The popularity of Photoshop among users is the trademark of its quality. It is leading editing software in market and the first choice of designers and developers. The CS5 version of adobe is no different from the basic Photoshop but is loaded with wonderful features to provide you a slick editing experience.

This software is basically divided into three parts; Photoshop, Adobe Camera (RAW), Adobe bridge which serve the purpose of editing tool, RAW format plug-in and photo manager respectively.

This tool has ingenious features to create, edit and enhance a digital image. It can develop infinite designs, effects, image, posters and huge banners. It enables you to experience real-time editing with live effects. The tool library is overloaded with creative tools to frame your imagination on the canvas. It is perfect to work on both 2D and 3D images; moreover you can transform the 2D images in 3 dimensional figures.

The content-aware features enable you to extract existing details without leaving any effect on other shapes.It includes new tool that is used to change the angles and dimensions of the image. It can perform tricky amendments in no time but requires a little editing skill to imply complex modifications.

photshop cs5

This tool maintains the pixels while resizing the image without losing its quality. It includes features like:

  • Content-aware fill: It is used to compare the before and after effects on the images. It is basically done by removing an unwanted part and then analyzes how the image looks like without it. Moreover it replaces and repairs complex structure with precise editing.
  • Refine Edge: It is used to blend the image with the background to nullify the odd-effects that brittle edges can produce. It helps to get neat results from scattered elements and merges the background and image color seamlessly.
  • Mixer Brush: It has many realistic painting techniques such as mixing colors on canvas, managing stokes and wetness of paint and, combining different colors on the brush. There are two paint wells namely reservoir and a pickup.
  • Bristle Brush Tips: It helps you adjust the texture, shape, length, density, thickness and intensity of brush strokes. It stimulates more natural effects on your image with water colors or oils. It has everything to manage the brush-effects.
  • Puppet Warp: It is an effective tool to make minor amendments in the image and is highly efficient in tweaking. It is more like a filter in Photoshop CS5. It is beneficial to achieve layer to layer perfection in editing. It works upon type layers, complex objects, shape layers and vectors masks and many more.

There are few other additions in Photoshop CS5, Such as:

  •    The Automatic image rotation/ Straightening.
  •    The Rule-of-Thirds cropping tool,
  •    It Saves Images in JPEG format.
  •    The Color pickup tool.
  •    Automated lens correction

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Apart from brilliant editing features it includes security features like bug fixer. It is the most reliable image editing suite that one can own. So it is must to add in your tool kitty to achieve the ultimate pleasure of editing, designing and developing.

Key features For Photoshop CS5

  •    It gives more realistic 3D product
  •    A fully-fledged suit for editing and photography
  •    Ultimate features and slick functionality
  •    Easy to use interface
  •    It provides faster and precise results
  •    It has a perfect black and white color Palette

System requirements For Photoshop CS5

Operating System: Windows XP, 7, 8

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64

Free hard drive space: 1 GB for installation


 Photoshop CS5 Details
Developed By Adobe
File setup
File Size 979.69 MB
Download Photoshop CS5

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