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Everyone needs a good quality image editor, every now and then. Affinity Designer 1.5 is one of the best graphic design applications, and a complete image editing solution suitable for both, personal and professional uses. This is a full-fledged tool with multiple enhancements to amend digital images. Understanding the functionality of this tool requires very little or no technical knowledge.

There is a wide range of image editing and retouching features on Affinity Designer 1.5. This tool is capable of enhancing the quality of a digital image up a notch. The interface is sleek and well designed. It is quite easy to modify the color and lighting of the image with its retouching features.

It is a complete suite of image editing tools. Perfection is the principle of this tool hence it provides the zoom effect up to 1 million percent to perform micro changes. This app can be personalized according to your style of editing. Whatever the need is, you’re provided a different set of editing features that match with your requirements.

Features like pencils, brushes, and graphics effects are enough to transform a dull image into an ideal masterpiece. Unlimited symbols and sub-symbols (symbols within symbols) are another plus point of this tool. Nested symbols allow you to create difficult designs and structures without hampering your workflow.

The real-time editing updates change instantly on the device you are working on, and give you an immediate preview. To maintain the uniqueness of the image, it offers total control over color, shape, size, position, text, stroke and effect.

The compatibility factor is very high due to its finest PSD engine and support for PDF, EPS, SVG, FH and PDF/X files.

The pixel persona tool allows playing with pixels, which is a standout feature among all. A single click is enough to switch pixels of the document you are working on. The real-time pixels preview option helps you achieve perfect pixels and the live view of changes, in the look of your image.

Amazing effects such as shadows, drops, and blur can refine and cultivate UI elements. Different customization options can be combined together to produce quick ultimate effects without disturbing your workflow.

Eye catching texts are icing on the cake. The range of professional typography tools of Affinity Designer 1.5 is beyond brilliance. You have full control over all text attributes like tracking, spacing and leading, to develop your own text style.

The management of assets is as easy as a kid’s play. Just drag and drop elements in or out of the control panel and organize your gallery of objects, folders, and assets to ease the access when you need them.

Outline view features allow you to view the wired version of your image to extract a particular element from the complicated structure of the image. Both full and outline view can be seen on a split screen at the same time. You can also target the right object without disturbing the nearby pattern.

It enables you to make mistakes without worrying about its effects. The second chances are always precious and this tool gives you 8000 chances of re-do and undo even on different devices. To give you an extra benefit, this tool stores images on different stages and auto-saves it for your convenience.

This application is loaded with tons of amazing features to create and modify fabulous digital images.This tool is the best choice to flaunt your creativity.

Features Affinity Designer 1.5

  • Various options for customization.
  • Lightweight along with the simple interface.
  • Ultimate retouching and modification tools.
  • Adjust color and contrast.
  • Pixel editing in just one click.
  • Wired view of images.
  • Adjust location and dimensions.
  • Adjust color, shape, size.
  • Wonderful typography tools.
  • Start a new project from scratch.
  • Redo and Undo options.
  • Autosave on different stages.
  • Best PSD engine and high compatibility.
  • Fully fledged toolbox.
  • Easy to organize document and object gallery

System Requirements To Use Affinity Designer 1.5

Operating system: Win 7, Win 8, Win 8

  • Hard Disk Space: 1 GB
  • Installed Memory (RAM): 1 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or higher processor

Get this powerful tool to edit , retouch or create virtual masterpieces. Try the free version of  Affinity Designer 1.5.

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Latest Version 1.5
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