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Do you want to try out Android apps on bigger screens, like on Windows laptop or PC? If so, AMIDuOS could be your best friend.

Basically, AMIDuOS is an Android player that brings all the fun of Android right to your Windows PC. It is compatible with any Windows 7/8/10 laptop, PC or tablet. It creates an Android interface on a computer but without disturbing the Windows environment. Switching between both arena is instant and smooth. You don’t have to reboot for accessing any of the environments.

It offers a whole lot of fantastic new features for enjoying in-depth Android experience. You can check them out below:

  • Absolute Android Experience

Absolute Android Experience

AMIDuOS easily provides a complete Android experience. This emulator lets you enjoy the latest version of Android on PC even if you don’t own an Android device. The graphics look crisp and sharp. Despite being an emulator, it performs with no limitations.

  • Compatibility

AMIDuOS supports almost every Android app available in the market. For the sake of convenience, it comes with Amazon App Store pre installed. Using the native package installer, you can install other app stores.

Moreover, it supports ARM applications too.

  • Performance

AMIDuOS is an efficient Android player which provides world class experience utilizing the computer’s resources. It collaborates with OpenGL drivers of Windows to increase frame rates and run graphically intensive games.

Usually, it operates in the native x86 mode for optimum performance. On other hand, ARM emulation is done as per needs.

AMIDuOS is a smart emulator that makes the best use of resources to save power and prolong battery life.

  • Device Support

It not only offers Android experience on the front end but utilizes Windows resources on the back end. In simple words, it integrates with Windows drivers and hardware including camera, microphone, and speakers. It also works well with sensors like ambient light, gyro meter, compass, orientation and accelerometer for an enjoyable Android experience.

  • Tablet Features

AMIDuOS features

AMIDuOS is known for best Android tablet experience by offering multi-touch and gesture support. You can check out the details in images using Pinch or Zoom functionality. You can access full-featured keyboard for optimum support.

It further integrates with Compass and GPS for exclusive map navigation using multi-touch gestures.

  • Desktop Feature

Along with complete hardware keyboard supports, you can also use keyboard shortcuts. This feature comes handy while running apps in portrait mode. You can download and install Android apps using the PC’s ethernet or simulated WiFi.

  • File Sharing

AMIDuOS file sharing

As mentioned before, AMIDuOS free download performs smoothly on Windows PC without technical interruption(s). File sharing between Android and Windows OS is a piece of cake using this emulator. Whether you need to transfer pictures or videos or music, it can be done instantly using this emulator.

Key Features

  • Highly efficient Android emulator that allows installation of Android apps on Windows
  • Provides crisp, sharp and vibrant Android experience on Windows
  • Comes preloaded with Amazon App store
  • Compatible with ARM v7 for running ARM apps
  • Allows file sharing between Android and Windows

amiduos features

System Requirement

Before you start attempting AMIDuOS free download, make sure to have these system requirements on your PC:-

  • Intel Pentium 4 or above
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 2GB of storage
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