Download Arc Welder For PC | Best Android Emulator For Computer

Download Arc Welder

If you are looking for an easiest way to run apps on your computer, run directly using APK files with the help of Arc Welder. This program allows you to run android apps directly from the navigator and burn APK files.

Add this chrome extension on your device and specify a folder to save the temporary files generated by Arc Welder. Once the extension is properly configured, select the app you want to run, but before running an app, make sure you have the latest version of the same app installed on your system.

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Select the APK and specify the some important parameters and start running it on your system. You can resize and reshape the application as per your device screen and choose the option to run it on smartphone or tablets.

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This feature rich program works efficiently with social media apps like Instagram and enables you to upload pics directly from your computer. Also, you can click the pic on the spot and post it on your Ista profile using computer webcam as the smartphone camera.

Download Arc Welder For PC

How To Download?

  • Go to the Arc Welder Download Page and click Add to Chrome.
  • Check the confirmation box appears on the screen and click Add button to install the program.
  • You can track the download process right on your computer screen.
  • Wait till the program is downloaded completely.

Using this browser extension, you can now open Android application on your Windows system without installing heavy software on your system.\


There is specifically a list of apps that work with Arc Welder, but you’ve to check whether the app you want to use works or not. So crashing of unsupported apps is a big disadvantage.

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Pro features:

The main plus point of this program is its slick interface which is the easy to use, fully organised and every required feature is placed in proper manner at the front.


  • Latest version of Google Chrome installed on your device.
  • The support version of Mac, Windows Operating system.
  • The app of Arc Welder installed.
  • Good graphic card for high end games
  • .apk file of desired program

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Arc Welder Details
Author Google
Licence Type Free
OS Windows
Download Arc Welder


Arc Welder is the most easiest and efficient way to run android apps on your computer. Instead of installing file, download Arc Welder Extension and run the apps directly through the .apk files. Also, it saves your system space as it is an extension. Also, It is very useful to post pics and on social media such as Instagram from your PC.

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