Download AutoCAD 2006: Designing and Drafting Software

Download AutoCAD 2006

AutoCAD is a designing and drafting software developed by Autodesk Inc.It is used by professionals in architecture, construction, and mechanical industries to create maps, blueprints, and other plans for their respective projects . The 2006 version of AutoCAD is the twentieth release in the series of AutoCAD versions.

This designing software is handiest for every engineering field to attain the maximum quality while performing complex tasks. Have a look, how is it useful in various engineering streams:

  •   Mechanical: It helps you to create 3D planning structure for big machines and devices.
  •   Architectural: It is useful to create plans and maps for buildings and roads.
  •   Civil: It enables you to draw a complete structure for sewer pipe lines, bridges system, and big construction projects.
  •   Electrical: It is the best tool to draw layouts for wirings and complete electrical system.
  •   Electronics: It helps you to modify, develop, repair, and install electronic gadgets by preparing wiring diagrams.

Not only engineers but it’s preferred by project managers, graphic designers, software developers and other professionals because of its comprehensive functionality.

AutoCAD 2006 has many-improved features in the comparison of older versions of AutoCAD. It has a plethora of tools that proficient in editing and drafting giant drawings.

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Best Features of AutoCAD 2006 are:

  •    Improved command line: Have you ever got stuck while spelling a command for a specific function? If your answer is positive, 2006 version of AutoCAD has an improved command line to assist you in assigning parameters. It provides you with AutoComplete feature which displays all related choices on pressing the Tab Key.  Commands such as Offset, Copy, filter, and chamfer have their inbuilt undo option which can lead you back to the starting point.
  •   Improved Dimensioning: Proper dimensioning of every object in a drawing plays a vital role in producing fine designs. AutoCAD 2006 is very careful about the dimensions hence it gives you the option to change an individual dimension without affecting the whole drawing. It provides you the options to adjust the length, jog angle, flipping arrows, and extension lines of a dimension.
  •   Improved Dynamic Block: It enables you to change a particular instance of a block without bursting the entire block. There is a feature called block editor that helps you change the parameter in a dynamic block (parameters are the custom properties of a block). It has more powerful dynamic block feature for its users.
  •   Improved Hatching lines: Specifying the hatch boundaries is much easier than before. AutoCAD 2006 has an improved hatch command which lets you hatch within boundaries without zooming in the display. It is very easy to undo the HATCH command to remove or add boundaries so you can create a hatch pattern again.

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This handy tool has many other powerful features such as live preview, editing of old designs, support for multiple languages namely Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Russian, French and more. The QuickCac feature makes the calculation part easier than ever. So this is the most suitable program to attain the high-quality results from editing and drafting.

Key Features Download AutoCAD 2006:

  •   Best for 2D and 3D designing and drafting.
  •   Support for multiple languages.
  •   Customizable tools and features.
  •   Dynamic block feature.
  •   Improvement in Hatches.
  •   Suitable for all engineering streams.

System Requirements For Download AutoCAD 2006:

  •    Operating System: Win 7 , Win XP
  •    Installed Memory (RAM) : 512 MB
  •    Free Hard Disk Space: 500 MB
  •    Processor: Pentium III with 800MHz or Higher.


AutoCAD 2006 Details
Developed By Autodesk Inc.
Version Autodesk AutoCAD 2006
File Size 300 MB
Download AutoCAD 2006


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