Download Edius Pro 7: Best Video Editing Tool Of All Time

Download Edius Pro 7

Edius Pro 7 is one of the most powerful video editing tools.This tool is designed to transform self-made videos into professional video product. It is able to create and edits SD, HD, 3D and 4k resolution videos.

This potent tool is designed to serve the professional requirements for producing fine results from video editing to produce documentary, news, corporate and theatrical productions. It provides support for the formats ranging from 24×24 to 4Kx2K.

The simple front of this software allows you to frame your imagination in video by using its tools and amazing features. The range of 16 cameras ensures to maintain the quality of every minor detail by capturing every angle.

To make your video stunning, it includes an ample number of editing tools and effects such as audio graphics , titles, animations, and much more. It allows you to combine different formats, resolutions, and frame rates in a single video with its Advanced Mixing feature.

This editing suite is designed with GrassValley engine and Codecs that make importing, exporting and real time editing faster and more reliable. It provides support for Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink 4K Extreme with optimized 4K workflow.

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There are no hardware limitations in this tool as it allows third-party hardware and software support with DaVinci and EDL exchange.

This fully armed software has preset plugins for digital visual effects namely rotation, scaling and cropping and After-Mask effects to refine your video post production.

While working on a multi-layer project , drop each video clip in a layer on your timeline and assemble them in a single video by enabling Multicam mode. It includes three different tracks to generate animated titles and you can add a countless number of titles on every track.

This tool has numerous features such as easy handling of large image files, 3D stereoscopic editing, inbuilt sound tracker, image stabilization, undo and auto save.

This video editing tool can seamlessly create a video masterpiece in no time.

Key Features Of Edius Pro 7

This a combined list of all basic features of Edius Video editor:

  •    Support for 4K resolution.
  •    Fast and precise editing.
  •    Multicam mode.
  •    Advanced mixing.
  •    Stunning video effects.
  •    QuickTitle for animated titles.
  •    Advanced import/export options.

System Requirements For Edius Pro 7

Before installing Edius Pro 7 make sure your system meets following requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7/8/XP/Vista

Hard Disk Space: 6GB


Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo

Edius Pro 7 Details
Author GrassValley
File Size 446 MB
File Name EDIUS_7.20_0437_DL_Setup.exe.
Download Edius Pro 7


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