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Download GeoMagic Wrap 2017

The Geomagic Wrap 2017 is a comprehensive tool to create and edit 3D models before creating prototypes out of ideas. It is commonly used by professional artists, filmmakers, designers, and archeologists.

This designing software has a potent toolset for modeling 3D objects,  along with the slick interface. It is the fastest and most reliable editing solution with tremendous accuracy. It includes a powerful surfacing tool that provides an ease in cutting edges and optimize the quality and continuity of the model.

The data can be imported/ exported in several formats such as WRP, Step, VDA, iv, ply, steel, wrl, NEU, 3ds, DXF, oogl, IGES, X_T, SAT, PRC obj.

The performance of this software is consistent and excellent with almost every device, including MS Windows. It provides a flexible and effective platform to precisely work upon the 3D sculpts and convert point clouds to the 3D model polygonal.

geo magric

This featherweight program assigns great command on the texture of the model. It enables you to move, rotate, scale, and adjust the alignment of the model. A set of UV tool provide leverage to edit and create texture of your choice. A feature namely Crease Angle Selection, allows you to dramatically zoom in and zoom out with a simple click without causing mess in the texture.

If you want to add /extract a particular DXF file in/from the polygon mesh, DXF Engrave can help you to embed file into the mesh. It is mostly used to add logos, images or animated titles into the model to make it company specific. It includes Texture Face Size Module allows to manage the images you insert in the mesh.

Instead of starting from scratch, this tool gives you an option to take basic idea from real time objects, by scanning prototypes , existing parts, related trails to create a unique masterpiece. The Unroll tool is used to perform analysis endeavors.

This affordable tool fits in your budget and requirements very well and enhances your productivity and broaden your creativity.

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Key Features Of GeoMagic Wrap 2017

We have compiled powerful features of Geomagic Wrap in this list:

  •        Proficient in creating 3D models of real time images.
  •        Commonly used by professional artists,, filmmakers, designers and engineers.
  •        Very affordable.
  •        Unroll tool to analysis the scanned images.
  •        Enables you to add logos, images etc into the mesh.
  •        Supports multiple image formats.
  •        Powerful image tools and scripting environments.
  •        Support for CPJ printing formats.
  •        Exclusive image optimizing techniques.
  •        Lightweight, flexible and effective.

System Requirements For GeoMagic Wrap 2017

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10

Hard Disk Space: 3GB

RAM (installed memory): 4 GB

Processor: Intel Core Duo 2 or higher

GeoMagic Wrap 2017 Details
Author GeoMagic Wrap
File Size 632 MB
File Name Geomagic_Wrap_v2017.0.0.rar
Download GeoMagic Wrap 2017


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