Download Linux Operating System Download | (A Quick Guide)

Linux Operating System Download

Linux is one of the most renowned open source operating system that significantly boosts the system performance with its powerful features. The users of Linux OS are rapidly increasing in number because it offers a secure and reliable platform to its users.

This OS has various benefits over other OS in respect of speed and security. Furthermore, there are various editions of this OS, and every edition acquires a unique set of features.

The best part of this OS is, it can be share and install as an open source which makes OS more powerful. Being an open source platform, there is a great scope of customization and optimization for consistent system performance. There are no charges for using Linux and above all, you can configure it as per your requirements.

This OS has preferred by various web servers because of the zero virus and malware record. This freely distributed software comes under GNU GPL licensing hence is suitable for server uses.

There is a wide range of Linux features and some of them are mentioned below:

Portability: Linux works effectively on various hardware and Linux kernel can be installed on any sort of hardware platform and maintains its efficiency in each platform.

download Linux Operating System

Open source: This is designed as a community-based development project and GNU GPL licensing allows community users to improve, change, develop, study, copy and distribute the software. The multiple teamwork causing consistent improvements in Linux.

Multi-user platform: This OS can be accessed by different users at a time and every user can avail its features such as RAM, HDD, and App Programs.

Multiprogramming OS:  This OS can handle multiple concurrent applications without any hassle.

Sound Security: To maintain the security and data protection Linux offers password protection, limited access to secured files, end-to-end data encryption.

This versatile OS comes in different flavors namely Linux Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu and more. This is a multilingual OS which offers your favorite flavor in your native language.

The Linux OS beats Windows in terms of security, reliability, and performance. It offers a bug-free environment to run apps and your data files are completely safe and confidential.

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Most of the devices we use in our day to day life including digital storage devices, Android devices, Video recorders, cameras, cars, air conditioners are based the algorithm of Linux.

In conclusion, Linux is an efficient OS of the time to boost performance of your device.

Key Features Of Linux Operating System

The all brilliant features of Linux Os are compiled here in a list:

  •    Open Source platform.
  •    Community-based OS.
  •    Highly customizable environment.
  •    Free of cost.
  •    Used in various devices.
  •    Multilingual OS.
  •    Better than Windows.
  •    Zero virus.
  •    Stable, secure and reliable.
  •    Best for desktop and web servers.

System Requirements For Linux Operating System

These are the basic specifications required for the installation of Linux OS.

  •    Processor: Pentium 4
  •    RAM: 1 GB
  •    Hard Disk Space: 4GB
Linux Operating System Details
Developed By Linux
File Name linux-lite-3.4-32bit.iso and linux-lite-3.4-64bit.iso for 32 bit and 64 bit respectively.
File Size 998 MB and 986 MB for 32 bit and 64 bit respectively.
Download Linux Operating System

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