Download Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 ISO

Download Microsoft Windows Server 2012

Windows server 2012 R2 ISO is released on September 4, 2012. This is the sixth release By Microsoft in the category of Windows server. This version of Windows server is much advanced than previous ones. This software helps you manage enterprise level tasks, storage of data, communication and various applications in your system.

The main focus of this server is cloud computing which gives you a full control over the files and documents you upload from your system to server. Its cloud service is efficient in handling a huge database of an enterprise having 25-30 people.

This software supports ISO format and available in multiple languages namely Italian, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, French, German and English. It can directly be burned on your system or you can run it through USB. There are a various tutorial and guides available on the site of Microsoft which can help to gain the complete understanding of its functionality.

This server is very much similar to Windows 8. If you are using Win 8, you can operate it without any instruction.

Microsoft Windows Server 2012

There are four major editions of Server 2012 namely:

Datacenter- It is best for users who are looking for a private cloud computing for their data storage. This edition of server 2012 works with the licensing of processor plus Client Access License(CAL) and for each license, it covers two processor and one server.

Standard – It has same features as Datacenter but is suitable for people who want a less virtualized cloud environment. The licensing part is as same as Datacenter and continue to be processor plus CAL and covers two processor and one server.

Essential: It is suitable for a small business having 25 people and looking for simple cloud computing services. The license doesn’t require CAL for processing and covers two physical processors.

Foundation: It is suitable for the use of 15 people who want a general purpose server. The licensing is as same as Essential, and doesn’t require CAL and only can be purchased from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Some exclusive features of MS Windows server 2012 R2 ISO are listed below:-

 Interface: The server front is easy to understand and showcases everything in an organized manner for the convenience of users. It provides you an option of switching between core server and GUI interface.

 IP address management: The management of IP address is enabled for the registered domains on the server. Every domain has its unique IP address.

Hyper-V: This feature is used to organize and view the cloud backup, IP management, network connectivity etc.

Windows Task Manager: The task manager is much improved in this version and it is easy to view every system detail such as network, data storage, CPU usage, free disk space, RAM.

 It consists of some other amazing features ranging from SQL server, Analytical Platform System , to Cloud Platform roadmap.  

Along with slick interface, it is full of other potent features to fulfill your server needs. This is the best choice to manage your business site and employee database.

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Key features Of  Microsoft Windows Server 2012

  •       ReFS file system
  •       Well organized task manager.
  •       IP address management.
  •       Three editions available.
  •       Core and GUI mode
  •       More stable.
  •       Secure Windows server foundation.

System Requirements For  Microsoft Windows Server 2012

  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Installed Memory (RAM): 2 GB
  • Hard Disk Space: 40 GB


Microsoft Windows Server Details
Developed By Microsoft
Compatibility 64-Bit and 32-Bit
File Size 3.99 GB
Download Microsoft Windows Server


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