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Download O&O SafeErase 11 Pro

Deleting your files from your system doesn’t guarantee you the safe removal of files. There are several powerful software available which can retrieve the deleted data from your computer. Therefore O&O SafeErase is an ultimate option to erase the unwanted data permanently.

Although there are numerous ways to clean data trails after deletion, yet all those ways come with their anecdotes.Moreover, Clearing your hard disk and recycle bin is not sufficient to ensure the secure deletion. So, SafeErase 11 can protect your data from being misused. Above all, the data deleted with SafeErase can not be retraced with any software.

Key Features:

The software is packed with alluring features, let’s unveil them one by one:

Deep scanning:

Once the SafeErase is installed on your system, the very first thing it focuses on is scanning. It thoroughly scans the temporarily deleted files, which are prone to unauthorized access. It requires only few mouse clicks to completely remove the unsafe deleted files and protect your confidential data from cyber thieves.

Security On The Web:

While using the internet, your system automatically catches the browsed data and stores web-based files in the hard drive. These web files can contain confidential data such as passwords or information about the sites you visited and hence deleting these files is important to maintain the privacy and security.

SafeErase 11 compiles all unnoticed internet files in lists and provides you an option to delete them individually or in bulk. Also, it protects your data by blocking the paths via which it can be traced and nobody can find them again.

Clear your entire system:

This option is commonly used when users decide to dispose or sell their computers. At that point of time, it’s necessary to clear every information or data system contains or else it can be hacked or misused.

The SafeErase program clear every file, application, even the OS permanently, so that it cannot be restored. In this way, it provides you a protective shield for your data and brings your system back to its original settings.

Download O&O SafeErase 11

Six robust methods to delete files:

O&O SafeErase provides you six different ways to remove data from your system. These methods are scientifically approved to maximize the security. Furthermore, to enhance the security of basic methods namely DoD and BSI, you can use the complex mathematical Gutman method.

All these methods are highly secure, For the maximum protection, the corresponding hard disk is overwritten 35 times with precisely defined rules.Above all, it also offers safeguards for unintentional deletion.

System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10

RAM (installed Memory): 512 MB

Free hard disk space: 30 MB

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O&O SafeErase is an all-in-one solution to securely delete your data without worrying about identity theft.Hence, download O&O SafeErase 11 Pro.


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