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Picsart APK

Picsart is media editing tool. It used to edit image, design colleges and apply filters to the images. Also, it is used to post images on popular social media network such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa, Dropbox, Tumblr and more. It was initially released in November 2011.

One can transform a dull image into an antique art by applying masks, filters, frames, stickers, texts, colors and rotating images.

Apart from basic editing features, Picsart includes some special “magic effects” which are very much similar to Instagram filters. It includes neon, paper, comic, old paper, Popart 2, softened unfocusing.

Picsart is loaded with intuitive features such as cropping, resizing, reshaping, crop, blur, sketch etc. But here are some very unique features which one must know before using Picsart.

Picsart APK


Sometimes the original image needs a little adjustment to look best. Picsart allows you to adjust contrast, brightness, color, hue, shadows and more. Everything can be done with one click.

  1. Motion Blur:

This is the most excited Picsart feature. You can make your image move. Add movement to your image by blurring a specific part of the image in the linear or free form.

  1. FX:

The range of  Picsart filters is incredibly large. Along with some basic filters namely retro, light cross, dodger, twilight, sunny and B&W, it includes vintage filters like artistic effects, paper effects, Pop Art etc. In addition, you can zoom, blur and motion effects to your images.

  1. Sketch:

Picsart provides you a platform you to show your sketching skills. In addition to editing, it has some basic drawing tools such as brushes, shapes, paints, text, eraser and more. You can draw a sketch and then edit wit the same tool. This feature is ideal to create, logos, covers, brochures and other similar material.

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  1. Layer to layer editing:

Picsart has multiple layer feature which allows you to design several layers for one drawing. These layers can be merged, copied and transformed. Also, you can manage the layer opacity, and add effects like darken, lighten, overlay and more. You can combine multiple layers into a single image.

These were some of the prominent features of Picsart editing tool, but one can also transform images into GIF and videos. From editing to posting, there is everything which an artist needs to publish art. Above all, you can design a collage of all your memories which only requires image selection, rest will be managed by this comprehensive tool.

Picsart is platform-wide app. One can use it on Android, Windows, and MacOS. It is available in Google play store and various other app stores or free of cost.

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System Requirement:

Operating SysteM: Android/ MS Windows

File size: 35.8 MB

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