Download Pokemon Prism | A Complete Download Guide

Pokemon Prism is the coolest Romhack of Pokemon Crystal, developed by Koolboyman. This version of Pokemon game has various unexplored regions, features, and events. Also, the player will find unseen machines and gain an unusual experience with unique features.


The game begins with a broken cart that takes you to a cave in the region of Naljo .The starter Larvitar seems to be shy and fearful in the beginning, but as the game progresses, you can see the advancement of the player.

The region of Naljo is full of unexpected surprises such as 10 unseen cities, villages, towns, caves, forests and routes. Every new region may bring a new suspense in the game.  

In order to survive in the corrupted region of Naljo, you have to win the 8 badges. The Pokedex includes 252 Pokemon and some of them are from the first four generations. Furthermore, there are several plots and battles included in this version to make it more exciting and thrilling.


Graphics: The graphics of this game is amazing and better than Gold version. There are several improvements in features and functionality. Also, the graphic works great irrespective of the screen resolution.

Sound Quality: The sound quality of the game is commendable and there are several exclusive soundtracks have been added by developers.The random music clips enhance the fun and excitement. Moreover, There are countless tracks that change automatically with the scene.

Addictiveness: The complete new environment and unexpected events make it more addictive. This one is better than other Pokemon hacks, hence the user experience has been improved in every aspect. Certainly, users do feel a constant desperation to complete the game.

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Story Plot: The story is quite different from other versions and loaded with unexpected events. You may find yourself trapped at some moments but your interest remains intact until the end. The storyline is really catchy and applaudable.

System Requirements:

The low specs of this game is really encouraging

Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7

CPU: Intel Pentium4 2.0 GHz or higher.

RAM: 512 MB:

Free Hard Disk Space: 400 MB

Developers: Nintendo


Overall Pokemon Prism is an easy to play yet exciting game from Pokemon series. As it has several enhancements and tweaks, one must download Pokemon Prism at least once.

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