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Proteus 8 Download

Proteus is a product of Labcenter, used in the simulation of microcontroller, PCB, and circuit. This is a potent tool to generate schemas and draw circuit based electrical diagrams.

This software is mainly used in school labs to create a virtual learning environment for students, instead of experimenting on physical devices. It provides a platform for engineers to test their micro-controller layouts before implementing them to a physical model.

It serves the purpose of test panel for electrical devices to ensure the proper functioning of the circuit,  using screen indicators, LCD and LED displays, logic gates, and switches. The interface is neatly designed but loaded with all necessary simulation components for electronic circuits.

There are plenty of features which can provide a real time simulation for your designed network and VSM (Virtual System Modeling) is one of those features. Also, it includes SPICE simulation in mix-mode. Not only this, but it also consists of ARES ( Advanced Routing and Editing Software), that enables you to modify components of printed circuit designs such as signal generators, microcontrollers, resistors, translators and power supplies.

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The main architectural components of Proteus 8 are:

Application Framework: It is designed to view multiple tabs (modules) in a single window or drag and drop to view tabs in split windows.

Database: A common database allows the integration of schematic and PCB information and automatically updates the data across the software.

Live Netlist: Enables the quick updating of schematic changes in PCB, BOM, and Explorer. The live Netlist is viewable throughout the system.

The Proteus 8 is slightly different from the prior versions. The interface is revamped with an attractive layout and a very new Create Project icon. The size of circuit diagram is preset i.e. A4 and there is no option available to change the layout size. Furthermore, there is an option to create a layout tab for the schematic diagram of your circuit.

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This program is generally used in educational projects because of the slick interface which enables students or novices to produce board designs, simulation, and high-level schematics quite effortlessly. It is an ideal tool for students to gain practical skills of creating circuit designs and schematics.

Key Features Proteus 8

Some of the prominent features of this simulation program:

  •    Clear interface.
  •    Easy to use features.
  •    Best for virtual circuit testing.
  •    VSM, app framework, database, and Netlive.
  •    Support for various platforms.

System Requirements For Proteus 8

Operating System: Win XP/Vista/7/8

RAM (Installed Memory): 256 MB

Hard disk space: 200 MB

Processor: 233 MHz or higher


Proteus 8 Details
Author Proteus_8_Professional_Setup.exe
File Size 162 MB
File Name Proteus
Download Proteus 8


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