Download Raidcall | Chat With Your Friends While Multiplayer Gaming

Download Raidcall

Raidcall app let’s you establish a connection between you and your friends via group chat or voice call. It allows you to create your own customized group, which benefits professional users the most. Also, you can chat or make a voice call with all your friends/contacts while playing games.  


Raidcall is mainly preferred by gamers, who can contact via chat or call, in between their gaming session. The quality and feature-range of Raidcall are commendable. It can be used to share files, audios, texts and record video. Also, you can broadcast videos from your gallery or other renowned web services.

To get the best out of this group messaging app, join a community which suits best to your interest . Furthermore, combine your Facebook or other social media account with Raidcall account. It will help you to call your Facebook contacts. Invite your friends to this amazing app, create your own community and advertise your services or business among them.

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Free of Cost:

Most of the users, especially professional ones, generally complain about their massive phone bills, but Raidcall helps you get rid of those high bills. It is based upon Cloud computing service and free for its normal users. It not only saves your time but also works without complicated configuration settings.

Note: Raidcall also provides the option of Premium Account for commercial users.

Download Raidcall


The interface of this tool includes Flash-based-engine which enables you to chat or talk while playing video games. You can talk with your friends and play games at same time. Raidcall is the future tool for many gaming organizations and developers.

Social Connections:

You can sync your social accounts with your Raidcall profile and invite your friends. Also, you connect with random Raidcall users and expand your social circle.

Clear audio:

Raidcall offers high-quality sound and audio. It has a pre-installed Selex engine that automatically nullifies the background noise and provides perfect audio.

Almost No Latency:

Most of the VoIP system utilizes the TCP protocols, but Raidcall relies upon UDP protocols which produce less latency than TCP. It helps you avoid delays and enjoy efficient real-time voice chat with your friends. If you’re playing in a group, this tool is the ideal choice to communicate with your team.


Unlike most of the VoIP clients, Raidcall doesn’t support Video calls. Missing video call facility is the only limitation of this app.

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System Requirements:

  • Developers: Raidcall
  • Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Installed Memory (RAM): 10 MB
  • File size:  1.5MB


Raidcall Details
Operating System Windows
License Type Free
File Size 5.51MB
Download Raidcall Click Here


To make a smooth connection with your friends via text or voice chat, download Raidcall now. This decent tool allows you to communicate with your group or team anytime without costing you a penny.

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