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Simplify3d Download

It is really necessary to translate the 3D model into better instruction achieve the maximum print quality and Simplify3D does this for you. It is powerful slicer software for 3D printing. It is used to simplify the printing process and optimizes the result from printing. It is meant to make 3D printing easier.

It is the one-stop solution for all printing needs. It follows the given method:

Step 1

It can help you to attain the perfectly structured 3D model by repairing, rotating and scaling.

Step 2

It provides you the complete control over printing process with the customizable settings.

Step 3

It makes several calculations on previewing your model, before printing it.

Step 4

You can use SD card or USB to export your products for printing.

download Simplify3d

This slicer software is designed to print in a hassle free manner and get the just-like-real 3D printing. There are many qualities that make it different from other printing software. Let’s discover what they are:

This lightweight software can replace multiple applications running on your system. You can edit, repair, preview, and customize a 3D figure in no time. There are numerous customizable settings available to simplify the 3D printing.

You can slice your 3D models (even the complex ones) in few seconds. It enables you to perform several iterations to get the optimized the quality of the model. You are free to tweak, scale or repeat the components of the 3D figure that you want to print.

It generates support for overhang angles to customize the size, shape, and placement of the figure. You can add or remove support anytime. It gives the sufficient angle support but does not affect the neatness of the surface.

Dual Extrusion Wizards enables you to produce clean dual color models. It adds some extra sharpness and crisp to make an eye-catching model. It prevents the oozing of the color filament and blob defects using Ooze Shield and Prime Pillar respectively.

It has optimized multi-part printing to save the time and effort. You can easily manipulate the placement of the parts. You can choose whether to print layer by layer, continuously or sequentially to maintain the flow in printing. In enable you to change infill color, temperature and height for every part.

Its saves your ink, paper and above all your time by providing the preview mode. You can visualize your model before sending it for printing. It helps you regulate printing cost, material quantity, and quality with the advanced printing settings.

The features and super-easy interface are the keys to its functionality. If you need to print 3D images every now and then, this slicer program is worth trying.

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Key features:

Intuitive Interface.

Best for 3D printing.

Saves time and resources.

Various customization options.

Does iterations to optimize the print quality.

Handiest slicer program

System Requirements:

Operating System: Win (XP or higher), Mac OSX (10.6 or higher)

Hardware: Pentium 4


Cost: $149

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