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The visual basic program is designed to provide you an environment for testing and developing windows based programs. Users can create GUI and make amendments in preselected programming code.

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Uses GUI Language:

This system utility works via GUI language which means you need to follow the screen instructions in order to complete your task. The main things that users need to pay attention are the GUI elements that appear on the screen and it is necessary to understand them thoroughly. Use the pull-down menus to use the GUI elements. If you want to know about the object parameters such as size and position, just right click on it. Also, you can write a new code using GUI of the program.

Module per Module Development:

Creating modules for your program is the finest way to develop it. Instead of creating a project with bulk codes, it is advised to keep several small modules, this will make it easy to modify. You can easily make changes to a program using modules.

Download Visual Basic 6.0

Design as Objects:

Another easier way to design a program is designing multiple objects for a program and let them interact via codes. The basic codecs for all objects can be found at one place which clearly means the code for every program is just one click away.


The VB 6 is not simple to install at all and a complete knowledge of its basic technicalities is must require. The below-given steps can help users to install it in the easiest way.

  • In order to install VB6 setup file, you must have installed a zero byte file namely MSJAVA.DLL. If this zero-file byte is missing, the setup process will ask you to reboot the old JAVA files and system reboot. To avoid any sort of inconvenience while installing VB6, one must have proper Java zero byte files.  
  • Do not use UAC.
  • Put the Visual Studio  6 CD/DVD in your system.
  • Don’t use the autorun setup.
  • Search for the root folder.
  • Choose run as administrator on right clicking on setup.exe.
  • Read the instructions properly and click RUN program.
  • Select Next and accept the program agreement.
  • Enter the required information, Such as name and company details.
  • Choose custom setup.
  • Click continue and then OK.
  • It will take at least few minute to complete the configuration process. Now, open the ACMSETUP.EXE. files and look for its CPU usage. This will help you verify whether the program is successfully installed.
  • Now, from the list of menus, choose:
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6, ActiveX, Data access, Graphics and uncheck the remaining options.
  • Continue the process.till the successfully installed dialog appears on the screen and click OK.
  • Finally, VB6 is properly installed.
  • Make some selections, register yourself and click Finish.
  • Enjoy.

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These are the minimum requirements that your system must meet to download Visual Basic 6.0

  • Operating System: Windows NT/95 or higher
  • Installed Memory (RAM): 24 MB
  • VGA: 640×480
  • Processor: Pentium 90 MHz or upper

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