Download Windows 7 Starter ISO : A basic MS Operating System

Download Windows 7 Starter ISO

The Windows 7 Starter is an edition of Windows 7,  released by Microsoft. This was the first edition in the series of seven. It is the most basic version and mainly designed for low specification systems .It is an ideal OS for old machines ,provides assistance to progressing countries and, best to work on the netbook systems.

This OS only available as pre-installed (OEM license) and cannot be purchased as a sole product from the retail market. This low spec OS is not efficient in running more than two parallel applications which can be considered as a loophole but it is good to maintain the smooth functioning of older machines with less enduring hardware.

This OS is much secure, reliable , and stable than the subsequent editions XP and Vista because it supports less number of concurrent programs running on the device. There is a myth that it is restricted to run not more than three executable files but this restriction was valid when the edition was under development. Now you can open as many apps as your system can handle. But a low-spec system is not efficient in managing multiple apps at a time. On the whole, it plays the role of basic OS very efficiently.

window 7 starter

Win 7 starter has a very smooth interface and requires a very basic understanding of system to operate it. The most astounding thing about Starter is, it can be upgraded to Windows 7 Home Premium effortlessly , if your system is capable of handling multiple instances of application at same time.

More than that, you can get back the Starter edition with the help of system restoration CD, if your system couldn’t cope up with the upgraded version.

You may not find all those features in Starter,  that other editions of Win7 are laden with. The Starter version of Win 7 missing the following functionalities:

  •    Doesn’t Support 64-Bit systems
  •    Switching user is not possible while a session is logged-in.
  •    Not suitable to run XP program.
  •    Lacking in Aero-glass feature.
  •    Doesn’t support multi monitor function.
  •    Fewer customization options.
  •    No domain support.
  •    Doesn’t provide taskbar previews and Window Slideshow.
  •    No DVD playback.

If you are comfortable to work without these features but stability, security and reliability are your main concerns, this OS is worth trying.

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Key Features Of Windows 7 Starter ISO

Although there are few limitations you may encounter while using Win 7 Starter edition but there are many salient features that are potent enough to grab your attention toward this OS:

  •    Self-explaining interface.
  •    Lightweight and high-speed.
  •    High security.
  •    Best for netbook systems.
  •    Easy to upgrade to Win 7 home premium.
  •    Best for systems having fewer specifications.

System Requirements For Windows 7 Starter ISO

  •    Required Processor: 1 GHz
  •    RAM: 1 GB
  •    Free Hard Disk Space: 10 GB
Windows 7 Starter ISO Details
Developed By Microsoft Inc.
Version 7 Starter
File Size 2.46 GB
Download Windows 7 Starter ISO

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