Download Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit iso original

Download Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit iso

Windows 7 Ultimate is the best product of Microsoft in the range of Win 7 Operating system. It has several enhancements and improved functionality which its predecessors lacked in. The users who are fond of Windows 7 will definitely like its Ultimate version.

Windows 7 Ultimate has gained immense popularity and most of the Windows lovers have degraded their operating system from 8/8.1 to Win 7 Ultimate. It is the powerful release of Microsoft that effortlessly deal with professional tasks and even adored by amateurs.

If you are wondering what all features are included in Ultimate version, we will help you come out of this confusion. Here we have compiled a list of all features. Have a glance:

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Presentation Tool:

Powerpoint Presentations are the new ways to represent your ideas. PPT’s have replaced the traditional forms of presentations. So keeping the importance of PPTs in mind the MS development team has designed the Win Ultimate in such a way, one can easily connect a computer to a projector which is on the same network via wired or wireless connections.

The “Presentation Mode” feature is specially designed for professional users. On enabling the Presentation Mode, it automatically shuts down the messenger programs, screensaver and disables the system notifications. It help you complete your presentation without any disturbance.  


The pack of 30+ languages along with new menu and boxes allows users to customize the interface outlook. It Plays an important role in the UI of Operating system as it utilizes almost 80% of the interface. These language packs can be installed manually by the users.

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Security, safety, and the reliability are the top priorities of every OS user and MS Operating System is mainly focused on these three factors. Talking about Win Ultimate, we can say it has most advanced security features such Applocker. Applocker is a comprehensive tool that allows administrator of the system to define a list of programs that other users can access and prevent accessing the locked programs.

The home users may not find the Applock feature that attractive, but it is an ideal way to secure data for high-security computers used at professional workplaces.

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Offline File Management:

The offline files in a system remain unnoticed, until we require them. Users generally avoid saving files offline due to the hassle it causes while saving but things are totally different with Win 7 Ultimate. It offers you intuitive tools to arrange and save files offline so that you can easily open a file while there is no internet connection available.

Location Aware OS:

We all know the hassle of reconnecting wifi-printer and other network based utilities every time when we move with our laptop from one place to another. But Win 7 Ultimate provides intelligent location awareness tools which automatically connect your system with the nearby available networks and automatically make required adjustments without any manual configuration process.

System Requirements:

Installed Memory (RAM): 1 GB

Free Hard Disk Space: 16 GB

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or above

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If you are in the search of simple, lightweight yet effective Operating system, Download MS Windows & Ultimate 32 Bit on your system.


Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit Details
Developers Microsoft
Filename: Win_7_Ultimate_32Bit.iso
File Size 2.38 GB
Download Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit Click Here


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