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Windows 95 ISO Download

Windows 95 is a legendary operating system as it was the first release by Microsoft in the range of operating systems.In other words, the chapter of Windows OS started with Win 95. Most of the users started their journey with Win 95 and still are big fans of it , hence it is worth saying that it plays an important role in the success of Microsoft.

This operating system includes DOS features and suitable for both low and high spec computers. It was specially designed for normal users , therefore the interface of this OS is very neat and user-friendly. The main attractions of Win 95 is stability, security, and simplicity.

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Win 95 has more features than any other existing OS. It allows you to play games, supports Unicode and provides easy file management. None other than this can provide all these features at once in one product. Although this product is quite old, it is still capable of managing multiple tasks on advanced systems.

The latest updated release includes Taskbar, start button and easy to use navigation pane. One can call these features as the main components of this operating system. The moment you start the screen, it welcomes you with a beautiful music that is only composed for Win 95. For better networking and web experience it includes Internet Explorer 4.

Download Windows 95 ISO

There are plenty of options available to customize your screen and also a comprehensive control panel allows you to manage and organize the settings of your operating system.

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Win 95 is an ideal choice for both classics as well as modern computers. Get this OS on your system and optimize the performance and speed of your system

System Requirements:

  • Free hard Disk Space: 500 MB
  • Internal Memory (RAM): 8 MB
  • Processor: 486/33 with 16 MB

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If you are in search of a basic yet secure and reliable OS, Win 95 is the best choice. Despite being an old release, it still has the potential to beat any existing operating system.


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