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iLovePDF is complete PDF suite which helps you editing, merging, compressing, converting, rotating and personalizing PDF files with no hassle. The best thing about this tool is that there is neither you need to download this program, nor it demands any configuration settings.

Many of us have never tried editing or managing PDF , despite being the most popular format for doc sharing and if you are trying it the first time, nothing can be better and easier than ilovePDF. This tool has everything you need to edit your PDF documents.

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What all options it includes?

This tool is loaded with features. Here is the list of tasks you can perform using iLovePDF:

  • Merge PDF  Files: This is the first option you’ll see on the landing page of ilovePDF. Combine your PDF documents into one big file which is easy to access and share.Managing a single file is easier than handling multiple files.
  • Split PDF files: Conversion becomes much easier when documents are small. So split your file into multiple parts and convert with an ease. You can save converted docs into independent files.
  • Compress PDF Files: Compression means making the File smaller. It is the best way to optimize the quality of your file. Small files consume less space on your system hence iLovePDF provides an option to compress files into different sizes and resolution.

Download I Love PDF

  • Convert PDF files into Word: Word files are easy to edit. Moreover, MS Words consists of various tools for precise editing. Easily convert PDF to DOC or DOCX format.
  • Convert PDF files to PPT: Create a slideshow of your PDF pages and make it more presentable. Convert PDF file into PPT docs and add attractive elements into it.
  • PDF file to MS Excel: Directly Manage your PDF data into Excel sheets and generate comprehensive reports in the form of spreadsheets by using iLovePDF.
  • PDF to JPG: Extract images from PDF files into an independent JPG file.
  • Add Page numbers: Manage your PDF pages by adding numbering to them. Also, you can choose typography, position, and dimensions of page numbers freely.
  • Add Watermarks: Make PDF looks more professionals. Add company image, log or watermark using this comprehensive tool.  
  • Unlock PDF files: Remove password and other security from your PDF files and make it accessible it others.
  • Rotate PDF files: Set the location and dimensions of your PDF file by rotating them. Rotate multiple files at a time using the ilovePDF tool.

So this was the range of options that are available in the PDF suite. Now let’s talk about the utilization of ilovePDF.

How to Use?

To avail the benefits of this PDF manager, open the site in your browser and you’ll see a plethora of options. Click on any of the options and you’ll be directed to a page contains the option “Select File”, click on it and choose your file. Wait for few seconds to complete the desired task. If you are willing to perform any other option on the same file, go back to the main page, select task and choose the same file again. Nothing in this technical world is as simple as using this software.

Important Note: Once selected, you can’t take the step back. So be careful while making a selection:

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Key Features:

  • Easy to use and no headache of downloading and installing.
  • ilovePDF is a multilingual tool and supports worldwide spoken languages.
  • Best quality and fine results.
  • You can limit the access by registering yourself and creating a password.
  • Processes multiple files in a concurrent fashion.
  • Save files directly to your web cloud.
  • Use any browser, device or network to access iLovePDF.

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System Requirements:

There are no such system requirements, as it is compatible with every device which supports internet. Just visit the site  and use the way you want to use it.

Download Now: Click Here

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