Download Plant VS Zombies 2 For PC For Free

Plant vs Zombies 2 For PC download

Zombie games are trending the most in the gaming world. One of the most simple yet entertaining light hearted zombie game is Plants vs zombies 2. The player has to protect plants from the zombie attacks. This multi level game fits in the kitty of both kids and adults.

This colourful game which includes several types of zombies and plants and every type has an unique set of traits. Also, it has one-player mode, multiplayer and customization options.

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The ease of game enhances the joy of gaming to a great level. Even the beginners can fasten their grip in no time. But, there are many brutal fight take place which you have to combat to cross the level. You will have various type of seeds which grows instantly and  helps you to win the battle.

The second version of this game has same classic plants such as Pea shooter, wall-nut, and sunflower, from the PVZ 1. Also, there are newly added elements such as coconut cannon, fire-breathing, power-up dropping power lily, snapdragon and more. The sunlight system is as similar as original, you can see the light droplets sprinkling on the flowers which looks extremely alluring.

On many occasions the zombies will throw a food packet which can help in adverse situations. This food is basically a power-pack for plants which transfers instant energy to plants.

To unlock the next levels you’ve to conquer different set of difficulties and includes a map that helps you find your way to victory.

Plant vs Zombies 2 For PC download

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Theme and Skin:

This game is more cute than thrilling. Even the zombies looks cute like a toys for kids. They move very slowly and are not identical to the traditional image of zombies. The game is not a high-resolution, dynamic or realistic game. It is a cartoonish game which very little twits and turns.

The graphic of the game is commendable and lines are very clear. There is no sense of confusion or clumsiness even if there is group of zombies attacking on the large number of plants. Every character and their expression are clearly visible. The game doesn’t lag any moments and runs smoothly till the end.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Focus on Sunflowers as they are the main power of this game. The more sunflowers you have, the more easily can defeat your enemy. Plant maximum sunflowers in the backyard in the front rows.
  • Choose your plants wisely. Some zombies require special plants to beat, such as  bungee zombie can be only beaten by canopy plant.
  • Check your almanac frequently. If you are not sure about any zombie, go to the alamanac section where you can see the weaknesses and special quirks of each zombie. It can help you to beat the zombie more easily.
  • Use Umbrella leaf plant to protect your plants from bungee zombies. Get four umbrella leaf plant and place them  3 by 3 square.

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System Requirement:

Operating System: Windows Xp/vista/7/8/10

Installed Memory (RAM): 4 GB

Processor: Intel i5 650, AMD Phenom X4 9850 or above


Plant VS Zombies 2 Details
Developer PopCap Games
Licence Type Free
Available for Android, iOS
Download Plant VS Zombies 2 click here

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