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Fruity Loops

Over the course of 11 previous iterations, Image-Line’s FL Studio has transformed from a simple drum sequencer to most modern digital audio workstation.

Fruity Loops gained popularity as a MIDI drum sequencer back in the earliest iterations. The way its workflow has evolved beyond the loop sequencing is commendable. Now it can perform professional sound jobs of recording, editing, hosting VST plugins, mastering, mixing and live performance with ease.

FL Studio 12 is the latest iteration launched by Image Line. This version possesses most significant sound overhauls in recent years.

  • Vector GUI

The transition of the entire GUI is the best change in Fruity Loops Studio 12. You will see a notable change in sections of instruments and effects too. The reconstruction of the GUI into the vector is the most notable change. Unlike bitmap, vector’s scalability is limitless. You will enjoy pin sharp graphics regardless of any resolution or display size.

Vector GUI

  • Drag/ Paste & Multi – Touch Technology

The latest installment of Fruity Loops brings a range of mixer layouts including compact, wide and extra large. You can choose one as per your needs. You have complete control over elements using the mixer. Unlike previous installments, you can resize or change the location of any window. This way dragging and pasting of any element between different racks is a joy.

Multi-touch mixer users will be overjoyed to know that Fruity Loops now features this technology.

  • Eye – Catching Layouts

The days are gone when Fruity Loops would feel like a Soviet software. With recent design modifications, this DAWs can stand firmly with the competition.

Eye Catching Layouts

  • Channel Rack

The untitled window has been replaced with the Channel Rack that houses samplers, the overview of instruments and internal generator channels. It lets you switch between Step Sequencer views and Piano Roll Preview as per the preferences. With the latter preview, you can do some pretty deep sound editing without copying and pasting notes from one channel to another.

You can add swing per channel in a new edition. A “+” button is placed at the bottom of the Channel Rack. By using it, you can make a quick addition of channels.

  • Plugins

We can’t ignore the influence of Fruity Loops regarding music plugins. This DAWs supports at least 40 different plugins. You can enjoy Edison audio recorder, and 3xOsc synth is the lowest tier bundle. Pro plugins like Automation clips and Maximus & Sytrus are parts of Producer bundle, while most premium plugins like Harmless, Pitcher, and Newtone can only be found in Signature Bundle.

Image-Line has made tremendous effort for making genuine improvements in Fruity Loops and enhance usability. Calling it a dream come true for music fanatics won’t be an exaggeration!

Key Features Of Fruity Loops

  • It creates virtual audio clips with acoustic & synthetic bass, electric guitar, string simulation and sampler tools.
  • It offers video effect visualization and beat slicing.
  • It features a powerful industry leading 64 stereos track mixer.
  • Using the plugins, you can filter, phase, compress, distort, chorus, flange, delay, EQ, reverb and even do some killer vocoding.
  • The user can design or arrange the layout as per their needs. You have unlimited space to arrange note patterns and automation data windows.
  • Multi-track step sequencer and industry leading piano roll make it the preferred choice of music enthusiasts.

Features Of Fruity Loops

System Requirement

  • 2GHz Intel Pentium 4/AMD Athlon 64 or later CPU with full SSE2 support
  • 32/64 Bit version of Windows XP(SP3)/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2GB of Storage
  • Soundcard with DirectSound drivers
Fruity Loops Studio Details
Author Image Line
Version FL Studio 12
User Rating 4.9
File Size 643 MB
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