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God of War 3 Download For PC

God of war 3 is an action cum adventure game for gaming lovers. It was developed under the banner of Santa Monica Studio and published Sony Computer Entertainment. The lead of this game is Kratos, who is controlled by the player.

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This game is all about revenge, vengeance, and fight for leadership. There is various character who are not protagonist but still play an important role in the game. The betrayal of father Zeus provoked the protagonist  Kratos to announce a battle against him. With the help and guidance of the spirit of Athena, Kratos fight with monsters, and Titans and search for Pandora to open box of Pandora which is the main element basically the target of our hero. Pandora is the only thing that can destroy the reign of Olympian gods and defeat Zeus.

God of War 3 Download For PC


The God Of War 3 has the same plot as its predecessors. There is two type weapons primary which includes The blades and secondary- The Exile. Everything in this game takes a sudden appearance on the screen. The QuickTime actions help you defeat powerful enemies. The player for fours magical attacks and power-enhancing facility to boost up the character when it loses the strength.

We can say, that our hero is fond of violence. He has won  many battles but after the betrayal and death of his family, he lingers for revenge. Kratos is brutal but a great warrior.

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The graphics of God of war is amazing. It was originally designed for PS, but after the immense popularity of this game, developers decided to form a PC compatible version of it. The PC version runs very smoothly on both the architectures. It is a multi-level game and every level provides the possibility of upgrading skills of the hero Kratos. The game resembles its prior five versions and provides sixty fps experience to players.

Handpicked Tips:

  • Earn a maximum number of chests but be careful while opening them. Do not use them if you don’t need. It may help you in severe conditions. So save them for later when you actually need to regenerate your health
  • The Apollo’s Bow is a quick attack that can kill multiple enemies at a time. But it can cause a great damage to the is advised to use this attack only if you’re surrounded by enemies and there is no way to save yourself.
  • There are four basic weapons in the game which you can swap by using the D-pad. Always choose your weapon wisely according to the situation. Take help of the guide to understand the features of each weapon.
  • Before starting the game set the appropriate difficulty settings according to your skills. Once specified, it’s not possible to skip any of the game -level without completing it.
  • The special attack R2 can be used frequently in a row. During this attack, no-one can hit you. But this attack is usable in only in tough fights. Don’t waste your time on easy targets using the R2 attack.

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For complete download and installation, take help from this video: 

System Requirements:

  • Operating system- Windows 7 (64-bit), 8 (64-bit),10 (64-bit)
  • PROCESSOR – Intel Core  i3
  • GRAPHIC CARD – AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB
  • Installed Memory (RAM) –  4 GB
  • Hard disk Space –  55 GB

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