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Snow leopard download

The seventh version of MAC OSX named Snow leopard released on 28th August 2009. This version has many enhancements in speed and performance along with reduction in its memory footprints to improve the functionality of the software.

There are many additions in this updated version of Mac OSX, which make it better than the prior Leopard version. It allows developers to use the graphic card in their applications with the help of new programming framework OpenCL. The feature ichat is improved for a better quality of video chat. CocoaAPI is used to rewrite the Mac default file manager. The feature “preview” which is used to show the images and PDF files, now can be deduced in paragraph structure for the PDF documents.

To prevent crashing of system plug-ins, it has inbuilt Safari 4 browser. There are many eye-catching wallpapers added in Snow leopard version to give it a refreshing look. The interface is neater and easier than before. But It doesn’t support AppleTalk anymore.

The most popular feature of Snow leopard software is “Exchange”, and it is very simple to use too. You just need to add your exchange account in the mail and it enables you to exchange contacts, address book and task list via iCal. iCal can be used for many other purposes such as scheduling meetings based on the status of your contacts and you can accept or deny the received email invitations.

download Snow leopard

It provides a strong defense against malware threats in your system. You can update the list of malwares by updating your software.

There are many integration features  such as Expose which gives you an inside view of different windows like dragged items, open pages and applications. This feature enables you to drag and drop images in your desired window and speed up your work.

The doc manager in Mac OSX called Finder is improved and gives you the  preview version with bigger icons. If you are viewing a PDF file you can view the internal content by using next and previous button for navigation. It enables you to get a quick view of the content of your files and folders.

The disk manager has been completely rewritten for a better performance. Disk dismounting has become much easier than before. It automatically informs you which running programs do not allow you to eject disk. You can simply quit those programs and try again.

The accessibility features of this software are main attractions for users. It has improved features for differently able people, it includes support for track pad gestures, Voiceover, Braille texts and more.

There are many other small changes done in this version of Mac OSX. It is an easy to handle update that all Mac users must try for smooth functioning of their device.

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Key features To Snow leopard

  •       Improved performance and speed.
  •       It has OpenCL programming framework.
  •       Technicalities are improved for better functionality.
  •       New refreshing look.
  •       High-resolution video chat.
  •       Built in Safari 4 to prevent the crash.
  •       Doesn’t support AppleTalk.
  •      A better preview version for PDF files.

System Requirements For Snow leopard

Operating system: Mac System with Intel Processor

RAM: Min 1 GB

Free hard disk space for installation : 7 GB

Snow leopard Details
Developed By Apple Mac OS
File setup name Mac_OS_X_Install_DVD_10.6.3.dmg
File Size 6.4 GB
Download Snow leopard


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